ISCC-Newsletter vom 2. Juli 2010

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With this third ISCC Newsletter we would like to inform you about the current status of ISCC and some important changes within the ISCC System

1. Production capacity of 5 million tons register with ISCC
Registrations of companies that are using ISCC and are preparing or currently going through ISCC audits continue to rise. Gathering points and conversion units with a production capacity of approx. 5 mill. tons have registered with ISCC. To support this ongoing expansion, ISCC continues to thrive for high credibility and integrity and offers longterm security. The market honors that ISCC is a one stop shop that simplifies domestic and international trade as it covers all relevant crops and their products and is applicable within the German, European and global markets.

2. New ISCC fee structure
The good reception of ISCC in the market enabled us to develop a new structure for ISCC fees and tariff rates which are significantly reduced. Besides the reduction for certification and registration fees, the quantity related fees also have been reduced. Quantity related fees for first gathering points and warehouses do not apply. The new fee structure has been adopted by the ISCC Board Meeting which took place last week. Please find our new fee structure: /iscc_certification_guidance/terms_of_use/index_eng.html

3. Alternative self declarations for farms
According to existing regulations, farmers need to sign a self declaration according to the sustainability requirements for their crop production. Based on the experience that farmers would prefer to sign self declarations that do not only refer to German law, ISCC has developed in addition to the existing self declarations alternative self declarations for EU and non-EU farms which now make reference to the ISCC System and the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) directly. The new declarations have been approved by the BLE. Please find the new forms for self declarations: /documents/certification/self_declarations/index_eng.html

4. New Chairperson
Mrs. Martina Fleckenstein of WWF Germany has taken over the position of the chairperson of ISCC e.V. from Dr Klaus-Dieter Schumacher. ISCC thanks Dr Schumacher for his valuable contributions in the start up phase of ISCC. In the next general assembly wich will take place early 2011, a new board member will be elected.

5. Next ISCC Trainings
ISCC offers two additional trainings. The first one will take place in Cologne, (Germany) from August 10th to 12th; the second one in Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil) from August 24th to 26th. Please register via: /training/iscc_training/index_eng.html
Participation in the training is a prerequisite for auditors to use the ISCC system.

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