ISCC-Newsletter vom 5. Mai 2010

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With this first ISCC Newsletter we would like to inform you about the current status of ISCC and further related news. In future, we will inform you via the ISCC Newsletter on a regular basis.

1. ISCC System in operation. First certificates already issued
The first successful ISCC audits already took place and the first certificates have been issued for a biodiesel production plant based on rapeseed in Germany and for a bioethanol plant based on grains in Europe. Many further ISCC audits are currently taking place in Germany, Europe and abroad.

2. Postponement of the enforcement of BioNachV until January 1, 2011 – no reason to reduce certification efforts
After intensive discussions, a postponement of the enforcement of BioNachV in Germany until January 1, 2001 seems very likely. However, ISCC audits are already taking place in Germany, other European countries and abroad. As the harvest 2010 is not in general excluded, it is the only European harvest which is available for producers in 2011 to prove sustainability. Therefore, farmers should sign the self declarations as soon as possible, and the relevant interfaces in the value chain must be audited. Time pressure is still very high and we recommend beginning the certification process as soon as possible. This can be done by contacting the certification bodies that are cooperating with ISCC: /certificates_and_cbs/cbs/index_eng.html

3. ISCC Training in Cologne fully booked
After successful trainings in Berlin, Cologne and Jakarta and the qualification of more than 100 auditors, the fourth ISCC Training will take place in Cologne. The training starts on May 10 and will last until May 12 and is already fully booked. The training covers the entire ISCC System. The participation in the three day training entitles auditors from certification bodies that cooperate with ISCC to do audits according to the ISCC System. For further training announcements please see: /training/iscc_training/index_eng.html
4. Successful ISCC conference and training in Jakarta
Both the conference on market opportunities for sustainable biomass and biofuel producers and the following three day training course were a great success.
The conference provided insights into experience with ISCC and RSPO certification and the specific challenges of certification under the new European sustainability legislation and the German sustainability ordinances. More than one hundred participants from producers, trading companies, associations, NGOs, certification bodies and governmental officials discussed the practical impact on markets and environment. It was concluded that it is of high importance to intensify communication and to adapt certification requirements to the specific regional framework conditions. /news/events/index_eng.html
The following training course with more than twenty participants gave insights into the different elements of the ISCC certification system and ample opportunities for engaged discussions. The high level of expertise within the participants and positive group spirit made the training an unique experience.

5. Technical Committee – practical implementation, strong representation of agriculture and agricultural trade
On May 10, the Technical Committee on the implementation of the German sustainability ordinances in the European context will hold its first meeting in Cologne. The Committee is led by Petra Sprick (Verband der Ölsaatenverarbeitenden Industrie in Deutschland e.V.) and Elmar Baumann (Verband der Deutschen Biokraftstoffindustrie e.V.). Klaus Henschel (Biopetrol Industries AG) and Bernd Kölln (Bunge) are the deputies.At the meeting, first experience of implementation of the sustainability ordinances and of ISCC certification of first gathering points and interfaces in Germany and abroad shall be discussed. A strong representation of representatives from agriculture and agricultural trade is expected. You can still register at: /iscc_association/technical_committees/e1065/index_eng.html
The number of participants is limited. Registrations will be handled in the order of their arrival. Registrations by ISCC Members will receive preferential treatment.
6. Cooperation between ISCC and further Certification Bodies
So far, ISCC is already cooperating with six out of the eight certification bodies that are already recognized by the BLE.
A cooperation agreement with agroVet from Austria has been signed last week and final negotiations with TÜV SÜD to sign the cooperation agreement are currently taking place.
Interest of further certification bodies from Europe and abroad to cooperate with ISCC is also high. However, recognition of certification bodies by the BLE is a precondition for cooperation.

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