ISCC-Newsletter vom 9. Juni 2010

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

With this second ISCC Newsletter we would like to inform you about the current status of ISCC and further related news.

1. Publication of EC Communication
The publication of the EC Communication with details regarding the implementation of the sustainability requirements is expected for Thursday this week. Here you will be able to find further information on Thursday:
2. Many registrations for ISCC certifications
ISCC has already received many registrations of companies that are using the ISCC System and will be audited soon. These companies include first gathering points and conversion units (interfaces and last interfaces). About two thirds of the registrations are from Germany, the rest is from other EU Member States and countries from Southeast Asia. Many further registrations, also from South America are envisaged.
3. ISCC Training in Rio de Janeiro
ISCC has scheduled its first training for auditors in South America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 24 to 26. You can register at the ISCC Homepage: /training/iscc_training/index_eng.html
The training will satisfy the increasing requests from CBs and auditors that are also active in countries like Argentina and Brazil to participate in the ISCC System and to have a local ISCC training.
The training will cover the entire ISCC System. The participation in the three day training entitles auditors from certification bodies that cooperate with ISCC to do audits according to the ISCC System and will further increase the number of auditors that can do audits according to the ISCC System.

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