ISCC Newsletter Nr. 43 vom 18. Juni 2014

Overview upcoming dates for ISCC Trainings in 2014 (please see below for more information):
2 – 4 July, ISCC Basic Training, Cologne, Germany
8 July, ISCC UCO, Waste and Residues Training, Chicago, United States
16 – 17 July, ISCC PLUS Training, Cologne, Germany
14 – 15 October, ISCC Plantation Audit and Land Use Assessment Training, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
16 – 17 October, ISCC GHG Training, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


NEW - ISCC PLUS Training
First training: 16 – 17 July in Cologne

ISCC has developed a new 1,5 day training for ISCC PLUS. The first training has been scheduled for 16 – 17 July in Cologne.

ISCC PLUS is ISCC’s voluntary certification scheme for all kinds of biomass and their products for the food and feed sector as well as the chemical industry. ISCC PLUS offers several voluntary add-ons, e.g. environmental management and biodiversity, non GMO or classified chemicals. Thus, ISCC PLUS provides customized solutions to meet various customer and market requirements. At the end of 2013 ISCC PLUS has been recognized by Unilever, which marked an important milestone for ISCC PLUS in the food industry. Several other companies are using ISCC PLUS as well.

Target groups of the training are certification bodies, auditors and company representatives, as the training covers both general requirements for companies using ISCC PLUS and the adapted audit requirements.
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ISCC PLUS certificate for SABIC - Joint press release
Following the recent ISCC PLUS certification of the production facility for polyolefines of the petrochemical company SABIC a joint press release from SABIC and ISCC has been published.

In the press release SABIC highlights its reason for choosing the ISCC PLUS certification system:

"'SABIC selected the ISCC PLUS certification following a detailed assessment of different certification schemes. The ISCC PLUS scheme was the only system supporting our need for a solid, independent strict monitoring system of the chain of custody throughout value chains allowing for a mass balance approach', says Jan Kaptijn, project leader from SABIC..."

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ISCC UCO, Waste and Residues Training on 8 July in Chicago
On Tuesday, 8 July the ISCC UCO, Waste and Residues Workshop takes place in Chicago. Target groups of this training are companies involved in the Used Cooking Oil (UCO) business as well as auditors and certification bodies.

The EU market for UCO has dramatically increased over the past year, and North America has become a major supplier in this market. The one-day workshop covers the requirements for the certification of UCO for the European biofuels market. The UCO industry will learn about latest regulatory requirements in the European biofuels and double counting market.

Senior executives from ISCC and experienced US industry representatives from Greenergy and Unity Fuels (both ISCC certified) exporting UCO to the EU market for the past year will lead the workshop. They will address all issues to help smooth the way for companies to export UCO to the European biofuels market.
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Meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee North America on 9 July in Chicago
The third meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee North America (ISCC TC NA) will take place in Chicago on Wednesday, 9 July. Objective of the work of the TC NA is to support and extend the stakeholder dialogue in the region and to consider specific regional requirements in the further development of the ISCC System. 

Topics on the agenda include:
- Updates on the latest developments in the EU market
  (RED, FQD, iLUC, double counting; GHG reduction quota in Germany)
- Development of ISCC in North America
- EU and US perspectives of ethanol
- Certification process for biofuels based on UCO and other wastes and residues
- New tools for cost-efficient verification of land use change
- ISCC PLUS: Sustainability in the food market and challenges and opportunities across different markets

Senior executives from ISCC as well as from Canadian and US-American companies and organizations (including Abengoa Bioenergia, Genscape and the University of Illinois at Chicago) will be speaking on the day.

Another part of the meeting will be dedicated to the work of the two working groups of the TC NA (“National adaptations of ISCC” and “ISCC PLUS”).
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On 11 September 2014 the sixth meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee Latin America is taking place in Porto Alegre in Brazil. ADM, Argos, JBS and the University of Sao Paulo are among the organizations contributing to the exciting agenda.
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New: ISCC Plantation Audit and Land Use Assessment Training
First training: 14 – 15 October 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The conversion of land with high biodiversity value or high carbon stocks is an issue of particular importance in international sustainability requirements. The detection and assessment of land use and land use change is complex and the implementation in practice can be challenging.

Therefore, ISCC has developed a 1,5 day training to provide comprehensive insights into the ISCC requirements for audits on plantation level. The training sets a particular focus on the definition and assessment of land categories and critical and uncritical kinds of land use change. Further topics covered include the implementation of land use change on GHG emissions and the presentation of new tools to ease the audit on plantation level.

Target groups: Certification bodies, auditors, company representatives involved in ISCC certification or with an interest in plantation audits and land use assessment, NGOs, research bodies and authorities.
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ISCC GHG Training in Kuala Lumpur

The fourth ISCC Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Training is taking place in Kuala Lumpur on 16 – 17 October. The importance of individual GHG calculations and their verification is increasing, and the individual GHG performance of products will increasingly impact their prices. The 1,5-day ISCC GHG Training offers comprehensive insights into the requirements of GHG calculation and verification. In practical case studies and group work sessions the participants will deepen their understanding of how to conduct and verify GHG calculations. GHG calculations and audits for farm/plantations, conversion units, transport and distribution will be covered.

Target groups are auditors and representatives from certification bodies and companies with an interest in GHG calculation and audits.

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ISCC Basic Training in Cologne on 2 – 4 July – A few places still available
The next three-day ISCC Basic Training takes place in Cologne on 2 – 4 July. This training covers all topics relevant for ISCC certification. The participation on an ISCC Basic Training is a mandatory requirement for all auditors prior to conducting the first ISCC audit. Further target groups are representatives from companies interested in getting ISCC certification or companies that are already using ISCC certification.
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