ISCC Newsletter Nr. 52, 10. Februar 2015

5th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference in Brussels on 4 February 2015

The 5th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference, which also marked the 5th anniversary of ISCC operations, was with almost 200 participants very well attended.

The overarching topics of the conference were the impact, achievements and future challenges of sustainability certification. “Sustainability certification is a practical step towards the implementation of the climate objectives”, said Prof. Gernot Klepper, Chairman of the ISCC Association, in his Welcome Address. Experience has demonstrated that “Certification is the proven tool available to verify sustainability at company level and to set individual incentives for sustainable behavior,” he continued.

In the first of three sessions Nils Torvalds, MEP and Rapporteur of the indirect land use (iLUC) file, provided a state of play since iLUC is currently under intensive discussion in the European Parliament and European Commission. Representatives from the German Federal Ministry of the Environment and the mineral oil company Total highlighted the implementation of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) quota in Germany from different perspectives. The session was concluded by implications for credible GHG verification.

The second session focused on the impacts of sustainability certification. ADM South America and Genting Plantations presented case studies from Brazil and Malaysia respectively. A representative from the International Trade Centre introduced a new tool to compare different certification schemes. The German Aerospace Center elaborated on the use of remote sensing data for land use change.

The third session covered ISCC PLUS and the benefits for sustainability certification for the food, feed and chemical industry. After an introduction from the European Commission on sustainability requirements for the biobased economy, SABIC and Elopak presented their approaches to use ISCC PLUS for their products. The NGO BirdLife spoke on the requirements and the impact of the ISCC PLUS add on for biodiversity.

ISCC is very delighted about the successful conference and would like to thank all participants for attending. A special thanks goes to all the speakers for their valuable and interesting contributions.

The presentations held at the conference and impressions of the day are available on the ISCC website.

To view and download the trailer "ISCC - 5 years of operation" and five examples of the positive impact of ISCC certification from companies in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia and Swedenplease click here.


General Assembly of the ISCC Association
Right after the ISCC Global Sustainability Conference the annual General Assembly of the ISCC e.V. took place in Brussels on 4 February 2015.

ISCC reported on previous and upcoming activities, developments, major projects and the work of the ISCC Technical Committees. The members voted on planned activities and the budget for 2015. Furthermore, Ulrich von Fürstenberg was re-elected as member of the ISCC Board.

The minutes of the General Assembly as well as the presentations will be published in the member section of the ISCC website shortly.

For more information on the ISCC Association and the benefits of a membership in the ISCC e.V. please click here.