ISCC Newsletter Nr. 56 vom 27. Mai 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We are happy to inform you about the following upcoming ISCC trainings and events. For further information and to register please see the links and the description below.

Cologne, Germany
9 – 10 June: ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training (further information)
23 – 24 June: ISCC PLUS Training (further information)

Miami, USA

23 June: GRAS (Global Risk Assessment Services) Workshop (further information)
24 June: Regional stakeholder meeting for the Americas (further information)
25 – 26 June, ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training (further information)

Jakarta, Indonesia

12 August: Regional stakeholder meeting for South East Asia (TC SEA) (see below for further information)


SAVE THE DATE: 12 August 2015, Jakarta
4th meeting of the TC South East Asia and working group “Methane Reduction and Avoidance”

The 4th meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee South East Asia (TC SEA) is taking place in Jakarta on Wednesday, 12 August 2015.

The agenda of the meeting will be published shortly.

If you wish to attend you can already register your participation by clicking here.
The attendance of the meeting is free of charge.

At the previous meeting of the TC SEA in Bangkok on 24 March 2015, a working group was set up to focus on methods for the reduction and avoidance of methane emissions at palm oil mills. The set up of this working group followed an urgent call from producers to explore and study methane reduction methods others than methane capture. This is due to the fact that a new threshold for minimum greenhouse gas (GHG) savings as well as the implementation of the Fuel Quality Directive is coming up, and many oil mills do not have the capacity to install methane capture facilities.

At the meeting in Jakarta in August the working group will give an update of previous findings and the progress of the work.

Any interested parties are invited to join the working group and to support the working group by:
- Submitting methodologies that have proven to reduce methane
- Introducing experts who are familiar with the potential of methane reduction methodologies
- Proposing sites that may be visited/ used by the working group for pilot projects

Please click here for further information.

If you wish to join the working group or submit relevant studies and information please do not hesitate to send an email to