ISCC Newsletter Nr. 57 vom 16. Juni 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are happy to inform you about the following upcoming ISCC trainings and events. For further information and registration please see the links and the description below.

Cologne, Germany
23 – 24 June: ISCC PLUS Training (further information)

Miami, USA

23 June: GRAS (Global Risk Assessment Services) Workshop (further information)
24 June: Regional stakeholder meeting for the Americas (further information)
25 – 26 June: ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training (further information)


Upcoming events in Miami, June 2015: ISCC stakeholder meeting, ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training and
GRAS workshop

Joint regional stakeholder meeting, Miami, 24 June (one full day)
On 24 June 2015, ISCC is hosting a joint meeting for stakeholders from both Technical Committees (TCs) North and South America. The joint meeting will mark the 7th meeting of the TC South America and the 4th meeting of the TC North America respectively. The meeting is an excellent opportunity for stakeholders from all parts of the Americas to come together to discuss current sustainability topics, share experiences with ISCC certification and meet interesting people.

Topics on the agenda include:
• News from the ISCC and ISCC PLUS certification systems
• Implications of the new EU RED on renewable fuel markets and certification
• Implications of the new GHG quota on biofuel markets and certification
• Regulatory framework conditions in the US and the EU
• Sustainable sourcing and supply chains in the food and beverage sector
• Deforestation and new tools for risk assessment and land use change verification
• ISCC Accreditation with ANSI

The ISCC Technical Committees meet on a regular basis to facilitate the regional stakeholder dialogue to discuss and consider specific regional requirements for the continuous improvement of the ISCC system.

The attendance is free of charge.
Click here for the agenda, further information and the link to the registration form

GRAS Workshop in Miami, 23 June (0.5 day)
With this workshop GRAS (Global Risk Assessment Services) will be launched in the American market.

GRAS is an innovative tool to facilitate and support risk analysis and land use assessment by offering integrated, reliable and easy-to-use information on land use change, ecological and social issues, biodiversity and carbon stocks. GRAS has many valuable applications. It is a reliable tool for auditors, certification bodies and certification systems to conduct efficient risk analysis for sustainability audits. Companies, investors, authorities and NGOs can use GRAS to facilitate the identification of sustainability risks for individual farms, plantations or entire sourcing areas and to detect land use change and deforestation.

The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) through its Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) has supported the development of GRAS.

At the half-day GRAS workshop the participants will learn in detail, what GRAS is about, which contents are covered and for what applications GRAS can be used. The workshop includes an online presentation of GRAS.

The workshop is open to any interested parties. The attendance is free of charge.
Click here for the agenda, further information and registration

ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training, Miami, 25 and 26 June (1.5 days at the same venue as the previous events)
There is a dramatic change in the promotion of biofuels in Europe. The future focus according to the Fuel Quality Directive will be on the individual GHG performance of biofuels. For example, in Germany, one of the biggest biofuel markets in Europe, the GHG reduction quota came into force in January 2015. Also in the food/feed and biochemical sector GHG information is becoming more relevant. Companies have to further exploit their GHG saving potentials along the entire supply chain from agricultural production to final products. Thus, GHG values have been established as competitive factor influencing prices and demand of biofuels and feedstocks.

Participants of the 1.5-day training will get comprehensive insights into the framework conditions in Europe and the requirements for GHG calculations and verifications along the entire value chain. Due to the changing policy framework, ISCC has recently introduced adjustments to the mandatory GHG procedures. The new procedures will be discussed in detail during the training. Furthermore, the participants of the training in Miami will learn about the relevance of GHG calculations in the North American markets as well as the calculation approaches in the US biofuels market.

In practical case studies and group works the participants will deepen their understanding of how to conduct and verify GHG calculations. The training covers GHG requirements for farm/ plantations, processing units as well as transport and distribution.

Target groups: Certification bodies, auditors and company representatives, NGOs, research bodies and authorities.

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ISCC PLUS Training in Cologne, 23 and 24 June (1.5 days)
Sustainability certification in the food/feed market and in the chemical sector: What are the benefits? How can it be implemented and assessed? What sustainability claims are possible?

The 1.5 day ISCC PLUS Training taking place from 23 – 24 June 2015 in Cologne offers the opportunity to get to know the ISCC PLUS system, its requirements and market opportunities.

The training will cover the specific requirements for ISCC PLUS certification, including a presentation of the modular approach of the different ISCC PLUS add-ons on farm level and along the supply chain. A special focus during the training will be on innovative downstream processing technologies. Furthermore, implications for the chain of custody, traceability and sustainability claims will be covered. Special attention is also given to the mass balance methodology for mixed fossil/bio inputs and related claims. The training covers both general requirements of the system as well as auditing requirements.

Comprehensive group work sessions are a substantial part of the training. The participants will develop the skills to successfully impelement and assess ISCC PLUS.

Target groups: Certification bodies, auditors and company representatives.

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