ISCC Newsletter Nr. 66 vom 25. November 2015

New Members in the ISCC Association

The ISCC Association (ISCC e.V.) welcomes two new members:
The Dutch company Bio Methanol Chemie Nederland BV (BioMCN) is a producer of bio-methanol from renewable resources on an industrial scale. BioMCN uses renewable feedstock derived from organic waste materials, like bio-gas, and crops other than those used for food consumption.
Danube Soya is an Austria based non-profit organisation that aims to promote sustainable and Non-GMO soybean cultivation in Europe.

ISCC is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with the new members.
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G7 Alliance Conference on Resource EfficiencyISCC Side Event: How to Ensure Sustainability of the Biobased Economy – Responsible Solutions and Innovative Tools

On 23 November ISCC hosted a side event in Berlin in the context of the G7 Alliance Conference on Resource Efficiency (23 – 24 November). The half-day side event that took place directly prior to the start of the main conference was titled “How to ensure Sustainability of the Biobased Economy – Responsible Sourcing and Innovative Tools”.

With more than 70 participants the event was very well attended.

Senior representatives from authorities (FNR – Agency for Renewable Resources), organisations (BirdLife, The Consumer Goods Forum, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Welthungerhilfe), and companies (ADM, Meo Carbon Solutions, ISCC) approached the topic of the event from various angles and answered questions from the audience in the panel discussion.

All presentations and further information are available on the ISCC Website


ISCC Events in Jakarta (Indonesia) in December 2015

ISCC Plantation and Land Use Assessment Training
2 - 3 December 2015 (1.5 days)

Verification of land use change can be supported effectively by using remote sensing data. Several new and innovative tools are available on the market. Which tools are most appropriate to support the work of sustainability auditors? Which tools are suitable to help companies to manage ecological and social risks and to implement sustainability commitments?

Latest technologies on how to detect and monitor land use change and implement deforestation-free supply chains will be presented at this training. This includes tools to facilitate land use assessment and risk analysis, and to support the verification of voluntary or legally binding sustainability requirements in food, feed, energy or chemical markets.

Participants will get an update on the latest amendments of the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED), especially with regard to land use change and highly biodiverse grassland and the respective implications for sustainability certification with ISCC. Furthermore, the training offers comprehensive insights into the ISCC sustainability requirements for audits on plantation level, and the impact of land use change on greenhouse gas emissions.

Target groups: company representatives, certification bodies and auditors, NGOs, research bodies and authorities
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ISCC Regional Stakeholder Dialogue Southeast Asia -
Meeting of the Working Group "Land Use Change"
4 December 2015 (1 day)

The working group "Land Use Change", that is operating in the framework of the ISCC Technical Committee Southeast Asia, is meeting in Jakarta on 4 December 2015 (one day after the above-mentioned ISCC Training).

During the meeting inter alia the following topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Update on the new EU-RED with respect to land use change (e.g. low iLUC biofuels, highly biodiverse grassland) and implications for ISCC
  • Overview on no-deforestation strategies, their implementation and impact on certification
  • Producer's and buyer's view on no-deforestation strategies
  • ISCC's no-deforestation approach

Tasks and deliverables of the working group will be discussed and defined. A detailed agenda is available on the ISCC Website.
Participation in the meeting is free of charge.
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