ISCC Newsletter Nr. 68 vom 12. Januar 2016

6th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference in Brussels on 17 February 2016

The annual ISCC Global Sustainability Conference is open to all interested parties and has been established as an important platform for industry, trade, NGOs, associations, research and authorities to present and discuss recent developments, challenges, opportunities and emerging trends in sustainability and sustainability certification. Around 200 participants are expected.

The Global Sustainability Conference will be divided in three sessions:

  • Decarbonization of the Transport Sector in Times of Low Oil Prices
  • Challenges in Implementing the RED/FQD Amendment
  • Sustainability Certification for the Non-Regulated Markets

Senior staff from the European Commission and national authorities, industry and associations will approach the topics from different angles.

Click here to download the agenda and to register for the conference

Attendance is free of charge


Highly Biodiverse Grassland

ISCC has developed a guidance document to implement the requirements of the EU Regulation (EU) 1307/2014 on highly biodiverse grassland. The regulation contains criteria, definitions and geographic ranges classifying highly biodiverse grassland.

This ISCC guidance has been developed to facilitate a reliable assessment of the biodiversity status of grassland. The guidance has been approved by the European Commission, and can be applied with immediate effect. It is now possible to differentiate between grassland that is highly biodiverse and grassland that is not. Areas of grassland that are not highly biodiverse can now be used for the sustainable production of biomass.

ISCC will also inform all System Users and Certification Bodies via an ISCC System Update shortly. The guidance on highly biodiverse grassland is available in the client section of the ISCC Website.


New Certification Body to Cooperate with ISCC

ISCC has recently concluded a cooperation agreement with PT Mutuagung Lestari. The Indonesian Certification Body will perform its cooperation under the branded name Mutu Certification International. This is the first Certification Body from Southeast Asia to cooperate with ISCC.

Click here to see a list with all 32 Certification Bodies cooperating with ISCC


Forthcoming ISCC Trainings

For 2016 ISCC has already scheduled a range of ISCC Trainings. Further dates will be set and announced on the ISCC Website and through ISCC Newsletters when confirmed.

The ISCC Basic Training covers all topics generally relevant for ISCC and ISCC PLUS certification.
The participation in an ISCC Basic Training is a mandatory requirement for all auditors prior to conducting the first ISCC audit.

The specialised ISCC Trainings (ISCC PLUS and GHG) provide comprehensive insights and extensive case studies and group works in their respective topics.
The ISCC PLUS Training focuses on the certification requirements and market opportunities in the food, feed and chemical sector.
The ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training looks in detail at the requirements for GHG calculations and verifications along the supply chain.

The attendance of the specialised ISCC Trainings is of particular relevance for ISCC lead auditors. Further target groups for all trainings: Certification bodies, auditors and company representatives, NGOs, research bodies and authorities.

ISCC PLUS Training, Cologne (Germany), 19 – 20 April 2016 (1.5 days)
Link to further information and registration

ISCC Basic Training, Cologne (Germany), 26 – 28 April 2016 (3 days)
Link to further information and registration

ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training, Cologne (Germany), 9 – 10 May 2016 (1.5 days)
Link to further information and registration


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