ISCC Newsletter Nr. 77 vom 17. Juni 2016

ISCC Basic Trainings

12 – 14 July – Bogotá, Colombia
06 – 08 September – Cologne, Germany
26 – 28 September – Las Vegas, United States

The revised 3-day ISCC Basic Trainings cover all topics that are relevant for ISCC certification. The training will also reflect all changes in the system associated to the re-recognition of the ISCC System by the European Commission.

The ISCC Basic Training in Bogotá focuses particularly on requirements for palm, palm oil, sugar cane, sugar and ethanol production as they are the most relevant raw materials from the region. ISCC conducts this Basic Training with the regional support of NES Naturaleza.

The ISCC Basic Training in Las Vegas has a focus on the ISCC PLUS certification requirements that are applicable for the food, feed and bioplastics markets as well as for bioenergy (outside the European Union). Latest ISCC PLUS developments (e.g. Non GMO modules for food, feed and chemicals) will be presented as well.

Overview of the content of the ISCC Basic Trainings:
Day one provides the participants with an overview of the ISCC System and an introduction to the ISCC certification process, addressing in particular latest changes due to the re-recognition of ISCC. The major topics of the day are sustainability requirements and audits on farms/plantations, and the assessment of No Go Areas and land use change. This includes the presentation of a tool to facilitate the risk analysis and land use assessment.
Day two focuses on the supply chain elements that have to be covered by certification and the ISCC requirements for mass balance and traceability. Requirements for the certification of waste based biofuels (e.g. used cooking oil) are covered as well.
Day three is dedicated to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) requirements, calculations and verifications.

ISCC experts will be available during the three days for individual discussions of practical steps towards ISCC certification.

The participation in an ISCC Basic Training is mandatory for all auditors before they can conduct audits under ISCC. Companies that want to be certified should also participate.
Further target groups: Company representatives, NGOs, research bodies and authorities

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ISCC Regional Stakeholder Meeting North Amercia - 29 September 2016, Las Vegas

This meeting is the 5th gathering of stakeholders in the framework of the ISCC Technical Committee North America, and will take place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

As with the previous ones, also this meeting is a not-to-be-missed event for representatives from associations and the food, feed, bioplastics and bioenergy industries. Latest sustainability topics will be discussed and experiences will be shared. The stakeholder meeting is also an excellent opportunity to broaden industry networks.
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