ISCC Newsletter Nr. 79 vom 28. Juli 2016

NEW ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training: 29 - 30 August 2016, Cologne

The regulatory framework for the application and calculation of reenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is subject to changes. This is due to the recent amendment of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) as well as to the note of the European Commission on conducting and verifying actual calculations of GHG emission savings. Further amendments of the ISCC requirements on GHG calculations were required due to the re-recognition of ISCC.

This is of high relevance since the individual GHG performance has been established as a competitive factor that influences prices and demand of different biofuels and raw materials. Thus, individual GHG calculation, verification and certification is very important for many companies. This also applies for other sectors, such as the food and biochemical sector, where companies increasingly exploit their GHG saving potentials along the supply chain from agricultural production to final products.

The 1.5-day NEW ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training covers in detail the methodological requirements for GHG calculations and verifications along the supply chain and provides practical examples of calculations and audits of calculators. A particular focus will be on the new GHG requirements according to the amended RED, the note from the Commission and the re-recognition of ISCC. In practical case studies the application of the new requirements and options will be shown. ISCC experts will be available throughout the training for individual discussion.

Note: The participation in an ISCC GHG Training is mandatory for at least one GHG expert for each certification body that is conducting audits that cover the verification of individual GHG calculations

Target groups: Certification bodies, ISCC lead auditors and other ISCC auditors, company representatives, NGOs, research bodies and authorities
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New ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training

Upcoming dates in 2016
06 – 08 September – Cologne, Germany
26 – 28 September – Las Vegas, United States
24 – 26 October – São Paulo (Brazil)
22 – 24 November – Prague (Czech Republic)

The NEW 3-day ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Trainings cover all topics that are relevant for ISCC certification. The training will also reflect all changes in the system that were required due to the re-recognition of the ISCC EU System by the European Commission.

Day one provides the participants with an overview of the ISCC System as solution provider for sustainable and deforestation free supply chains. The framework requirements for the different markets (biofuels, food, feed, chemicals) are presented as well as the certification of circular economy, wood based supply chains and biogas. Day two focuses on the supply chain elements that have to be covered by certification and the ISCC requirements for traceability and chain of custody. Day three is dedicated to GHG requirements, calculations and verifications.

ISCC experts will be available during the three days for individual discussions of practical steps towards ISCC certification.

The participation in an ISCC Basic Training is mandatory for all auditors before they can conduct audits under ISCC. As already communicated to the certification bodies, for auditors conducting ISCC audits the participation in one of the new ISCC Basic Trainings is mandatory until January 2018. Further trainings will be scheduled by ISCC accordingly.
Companies that want to be certified should also participate in an ISCC Basic Training.

Further target groups: company representatives, NGOs, research bodies and authorities
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European Court of Auditors Confirms ISCC's Approach on Sustainability Certification

On 21 July 2016 the European Court of Auditors (ECA) has published a report on “The EU System for the Certification of Sustainable Biofuels”. The report identifies important criteria that should generally be covered by sustainability certification but that are currently not fully applied by all certification schemes that are recognized by the European Commission. These criteria include:

  • The effective and comprehensive verification of the compliance with sustainability requirements through complete procedures (audit checklists) and guidance by the scheme
  • Socioeconomic sustainability aspects (e.g. safe working conditions, human, labour and land rights) should be taken into account
  • Credible verification of the origin of waste and residues and traceability through supply chains
  • Reliable approach on highly biodiverse grassland
  • Audits on site (desk audits only not sufficient)
  • Transparency: Relevant information should be published on the website of the scheme
  • Multi-stakeholder instead of industry or company driven schemes (possible conflict of interest)

The criteria are covered under ISCC already today, and ISCC is pleased to see them included in the report. This is an acknowledgement of ISCC’s efforts and a motivation to further work on the continuous improvement of the scheme.

Inital Meeting of the Working Group Transparency took place in Cologne

At the last General Assembly the members of the ISCC Association (ISCC e.V.) agreed to set up a Working Group “Transparency”. The objective of this working group is to discuss the enhancement of ISCC’s transparency by publishing summary audit reports on the ISCC website. The working group will elaborate a proposal that shall serve a better transparency whilst ensuring the need to protect sensitive company internal information.

The initial meeting of the working group took place in Cologne on 21 July 2016. 20 members of the ISCC Association are participating in the working group. All stakeholder groups of the ISCC Association are represented in the working group (producers and processors, NGOs and science and research as well as trade, logistic and users). ISCC will inform about the further progress of the working group by the ISCC Newsletter.

ISCC Regional Stakeholder Meeting North America: 29 September 2016, Las Vegas

This meeting is the 5th gathering of stakeholders in the framework of the ISCC Technical Committee North America, and will take place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas (United States).

As with the previous ones, also this meeting is a not-to-be-missed event for representatives from associations and the food, feed, bioplastics and bioenergy industries. Latest sustainability topics will be discussed and experiences will be shared. The stakeholder meeting is also an excellent opportunity to broaden industry networks.
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SAVE THE DATE: Sustainable and Deforestation Free Supply Chains Conference

27 October 2016 – São Paulo (Brazil)

ISCC will host a one-day conference on sustainable and deforestation free supply chains in São Paulo on 27 October. This conference will be open to all interested parties. Further information will be available shortly.
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