ISCC Newsletter Nr. 80 vom 17. August 2016

ISCC re-recognised by the European Commission

We are pleased to inform you that the European Commission has re-recognised ISCC EU. The decision was adopted by the Commission on 09 August and entered into force on 11 August 2016.
The revised ISCC EU system documents are available on the ISCC website.

The new requirements will be the focus of the upcoming New ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training and the New ISCC Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Training. Please see below for upcoming dates.

ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training with New Requirements from EC

29 – 30 August 2016 - Cologne (Germany)

Learn about new GHG requirements according to the amended RED, the note of the European Commission and the re-recognised ISCC EU scheme. All regulatory changes need to be implemented by all voluntary schemes until the end of this year.

The adaptations will have high impact on biofuel supply chains and forwarding of GHG information in supply chains. Deliveries of raw or processed material not fulfilling these requirements will no longer be acceptable. In addition, the GHG quota under the FQD and increasing demand for GHG information also in food, feed and chemical markets require a clear framework for GHG calculations.

The 1.5-day NEW ISCC Greenhouse Gas Training covers in detail the new methodological requirement for GHG calculations and verifications along the supply chain and provides practical examples and case studies of calculations and audits of GHG calculators. ISCC GHG experts will be available throughout the training for individual discussion.

Note: The participation in an ISCC GHG Training is mandatory for at least one GHG expert per certification body that is auditing and verifying individual GHG calculations. Participation is also highly recommended to all auditors and ISCC system participants to guarantee a clear verification, easy implementation and future compliance with system requirements.

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NEW ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Training

Upcoming dates in 2016
06 – 08 September – Cologne (Germany)
26 – 28 September – Las Vegas (United States)
24 – 26 October – São Paulo (Brazil)
22 – 24 November – Prague (Czech Republic)

The new 3-day ISCC EU and PLUS Basic Trainings cover all topics that are relevant for ISCC certification.

The training will also reflect all amendments in the system due to the re-recognition of the ISCC EU System by the European Commission.

The participation in an ISCC Basic Training is mandatory for all auditors before they can conduct audits under ISCC. As already communicated to the certification bodies, for auditors conducting ISCC audits the participation in one of the new ISCC Basic Trainings is mandatory until January 2018. Participation is also highly recommended to all system participants that want to prepare for audits based on the new requirements.

Further target groups: NGOs, research bodies and authorities

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ISCC Regional Stakeholder Meeting North America

29 September 2016 – Las Vegas (United States)

This meeting is the 5th gathering of stakeholders in the framework of the ISCC Technical Committee North America, and will take place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. It is a not-to-be-missed event for representatives from the food, feed, bioplastics and bioenergy industries. Latest sustainability topics will be discussed and experiences will be shared. The stakeholder meeting is also an excellent opportunity to broaden industry networks.

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ISCC Conference “Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chains for Agricultural Commodities”

27 October 2016 – São Paulo (Brazil)

ISCC is hosting a one-day conference on sustainable and deforestation free supply chains in São Paulo on 27 October. Market requirements, international experiences, tools and success stories will be presented. This conference will be open to all interested parties.

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New Member in the ISCC Association

The ISCC Association (ISCC e.V.) welcomes a new member:

Gevo Inc. is a leading renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company. Located in Englewood (CO), USA. Gevo has developed bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based products by using a combination of synthetic biology and chemistry. Their products have various applications, for example as fuel feedstock (mainly marine and jet fuels), as well as feedstock for rubber, plastics and polyesters. Gevo was founded in 2005 and operates production sites in Minnesota and Texas.

ISCC is pleased about the new member committed to support ISCC’ goals, and is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.
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