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Number of certificate certificate holder certified as in put add-ons product cat. valid from valid until issued by map certificate audit report

List of all expired ISCC Certificates and Statements of Conformity.

The audited units were certified as:

BG = Biogas plant, BM = Biomethane plant, BP = Biodiesel plant, CP = Collecting Point (for waste/residue material not grown/harvested on farms/plantations), CR = Crushing plant, EP = Ethanol plant, ET = ETBE plant, FA = Farm / Plantation, FC = Farmers' Central Office, FG = First Gathering Point (for biomass grown/harvested on farms/plantations), HVO = HVO plant, LC = Logistic Center, ML = Methanol plant, MP = Melting plant, MT = MTBE plant, OM = Oil mill, OT = Other conversion unit, PM = Pulp mill, PO Point of Origin, RE = Refinery, SM = Sugar mill, TR = Trader, TRS = Trader with storage, TW = Treatment plant for waste/ residues, WH = Warehouse, WR36 = acc. to 36th BImSchV (double counting of biofuels in Germany)