ISCC Terms of Use for System Users

According to the ISCC terms of use, "system users" of ISCC are those who have registered with ISCC, providing their specific data and the name of the certification body in charge of the audit. On this basis, the system user can be audited according to the ISCC standards and receive a certificate or a statement of conformity after successful realization of the audit. By having registered with ISCC, the system user enters into a "system usage agreement" with ISCC, according to the ISCC terms of use. During each certification audit under ISCC, the system user has to accept the ISCC terms of use valid at the date of the audit. These terms of use must be signed and provided to the auditor during the audit.


NEW: ISCC Terms of Use - valid from 01 February 2017

ISCC Terms of Use 010217

ISCC Terms of Use 010217 (with amendments in track change)


ISCC Terms of Use - valid since 01 January 2014

ISCC Terms of Use 010114

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