ISCC Integrity Program

The ISCC Integrity Program guarantees a high quality and integrity of the ISCC system. It ensures a consistent, objective and reliable audit and certification process by all CBs cooperating with ISCC on a global basis. It was launched as a tool to enable closer monitoring of the CBs’ verification activities and companies’ compliance and is based on an ongoing assessment process. The ISCC Integrity Program supports the quality and risk management at ISCC and provides valuable feedback to ISCC regarding the implementation of the standard and its verification. Therefore it is an essential part of the continuous improvement process of the ISCC system.

The ISCC Integrity Program consists of assessments of ISCC System Users and of CB offices. ISCC Integrity Assessments are planned randomly or on a risk basis after risk evaluations, complaints or reports of non-conformity or fraud. ISCC does not charge any costs of Integrity Assessments to the participants. The assessments are conducted by ISCC Integrity Auditors and can take place in any country where CBs cooperating with ISCC carry out activities and audits in the framework of ISCC. The ISCC Integrity Auditors must be independent and free of any conflicts of interest. They work on behalf of ISCC and are not allowed to work for CBs cooperating with ISCC at the same time.

The participation of ISCC System Users in a scheduled ISCC Integrity Assessment is mandatory.

Criteria for the selection of participants in the ISCC Integrity Program:


To protect ISCCs integrity and guarantee the high quality of the ISCC system, ISCC encourages its stakeholder to raise a complaint against ISCC certificate holders or ISCC cooperating Certification Bodies in case of violation of ISCC requirements or fraudulent behavior/practices.

Please submit your complaints in german or english to

Necessary information in order to investigate against a complaint:

  1. Information on complainant (organization, contact person, title/position, contact details (email, phone))
  2. Name, location and type of operation of the company the complaint is made against
  3. Details on nature of grievance
  4. Objective evidence to substantiate the complaint and to attain a clear idea and unambiguous understanding of the situation at hand
  5. Description of action taken to settle the issue

Once received, ISCC will make an assessment of the claim and if considered appropriate/necessary ISCC will conduct an Integrity Assessment at the respective company in order to investigate on the compliance with ISCC requirements. In the course of investigating the conflict or reason for the complaint, ISCC is entitled to contact the parties and stakeholders affected and to ask for supporting evidence, documentation or statements in order to attain a sufficient understanding of the situation.

The complainant will be informed immediately about the receipt of their complaint, the acceptance of the complaint and what further actions will be taken.

Complainants and the information submitted to ISCC will be treated confidential and anonymous if not required otherwise by law.