ISCC PLUS - Introduction

ISCC PLUS allows an efficient extension of sustainability certification on sectors like food, feed or technical/chemical and bioenergy applications 

ISCC PLUS is a certification system for food and feed products as well as for technical/chemical applications (e.g. bioplastics) and applications in the bioenergy sector (e.g. solid biomass). On February 8, 2012 the scheme was initially introduced at the second ISCC Global Sustainability Conference and the General Assembly in Brussels. Several pilot projects and a two months public consultation including members of ISCC and other interested parties have contributed to the final ISCC PLUS scheme.

Parties, who would like to get ISCC PLUS certified, need to fulfill the ISCC PLUS core requirements (e.g. the sustainability requirements for the production of biomass or traceability requirements). The core requirements concerning the sustainability of biomass production are harmonized with the requirements of ISCC EU and ISCC DE.

Additionally to the core requirements of ISCC PLUS, interested parties can chose from a set of voluntary add-ons. These add-ons are modules that either apply to the agricultural production area, e.g. the . add-on 202-01 "Environmental Management and Biodiversity" and add-on 202-02 "Classified Chemicals". The add-ons can also apply to the whole supply chain, e.g. add-on 205-01 "GHG Emissions" and add-on 205-02 "Consumables of a Production Process". The use of the add-ons is voluntary and is not part of the general ISCC PLUS certification. When choosing an add-on, the certification and audit scope will be extended to the add-on chosen.

With its standard for sustainability requirements (V2.0) and the add-ons 202-01 "Environmental Management and Biodiversity" as well as 202-02 "Classified Chemicals", ISCC PLUS has been recognized by Unilever under its Sustainable Agriculture Code.

Further information about ISCC PLUS and the possibility to extend certifications under ISCC DE or ISCC EU is available here.

Benchmark confirms high quality of ISCC PLUS

The WWF has conducted a benchmarking of seven certification schemes and sustainability initiatives. The benchmark was based on the criteria of INRO (Initiative for the Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials for the Industrial Use of Biomass).

ISCC PLUS was among the two best performing systems in this benchmark.

Link to the INRO website

INRO sustainability criteria (German)

(Source: WWF, NatureWorks)