Add-on "Classified Chemicals"

An important objective of sustainability certification is the environmentally responsible production of biomass, the protection of the workers’ health and safety and best practices in terms of handling of chemicals.

This includes the responsible and controlled handling of plant protection products and other chemicals and the exclusion of chemicals, that have been identified as extremely hazardous. The Add-on “Classified Chemicals” sets up a ban for extremely hazardous chemicals and provides requirements for the phase out of moderately hazardous chemicals.

Extremely and highly hazardous chemicals that are subject to the ISCC application ban are listed in the WHO 1a and 1b lists. Moderately hazardous chemicals are listed in the WHO 2 as well as the Rotterdam Convention and the Stockholm Convention of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).

Further information on the requirements are provided in the system document ISCC PLUS 202-02. The excel tool ISCC PLUS 202-02 helps ISCC users to identify the respective risk category of applied chemicals. Based on the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registration number, the type of active ingredient and the WHO as well as the Rotterdam and Stockholm classification is highlighted. All ISCC PLUS system documents are available here.