Add-on "Consumables"

An important feature of a company's sustainability reporting is the identification and designation of relevant consumables. Consumables are all kinds of inputs of an production process (e.g. water, fuels, electricity) or materials originating from that process (e.g. waste).

The consistent and reliable designation of relevant consumables of a company or a whole value chain enables producers to identify, analyze and optimize individual process chains. They can also compare it to other, similar value chains.  The add-on 205-02 provides a methodology in order to calculate the amounts of all relevant consumables along the supply chain, including biomass production, conversion as well as transport and distribution.

This add-on can be voluntarily chosen in order to provide amounts of relevant consumables of a production process or a supply chain to the customer or final consumer.

Further information on this add-on is provided in the system document ISCC PLUS 205-02. All ISCC PLUS system documents are available here.