Add-on "Environmental Management and Biodiversity"

The expansion and intensification of agricultural production systems and the structural changes, which have taken place, have considerably contributed to a loss of natural ecosystems and species with high conservation value. Furthermore, this intensification can lead to a degradation of soil fertility and the depletion and pollution of water bodies.

In order to counteract this development, ISCC has set up an add-on with specific criteria on environmental management and biodiversity. The objective is to support farmers to conserve and improve the conditions of soil fertility, water and biodiversity and to reduce energy consumption. Agricultural producers, which decide to include this add-on in their certification scope, continuously implement measures in their production process, which improve the conditions of the resources soil, water, energy and biodiversity.

The management plans are composed of the following phases:

(0) Status determination;

(1) Risk assessment and action plan;

(2) Action plan implementation, risk management and monitoring  

The status determination serves as a tool to assess the current situation of the agricultural production area. The status determination serves as a basis for and initiates phase 1 risk assessment and action plan. In this phase, an area is evaluated regarding its risk to anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic risk factors. In the action plan, objectives and management measures are identified in order to tackle the identified risks. A timeline for implementation must be set. The action plan shall be continuously implemented. Where risks have been identified, relevant parameters shall be continuously monitored in order to measure the development of the risk factor and the success of the implemented practices. 

Further information on the add-on is provided in the system document "ISCC PLUS 202-01". Further information on the required criteria of Phase 0, 1 and 2 are provided in the guidance document “ISCC PLUS Guidance_202-01”. This guidance document assists system participants (farmers) to implement the different phases of the environmental management plans. It is mandatory in content but not in format. All ISCC PLUS system documents are available here.