ISCC Public Consultation

ISCC is continuously working to improve the ISCC System. Feedback from companies using ISCC, certification bodies and other interested third parties is an important source for the ongoing development and therefore highly welcome. To gather feedback, ISCC publishes relevant documents for public consultation. ISCC will collect and evaluate your comments.

ISCC invites all interested parties to send any comments and feedback with regard to the document below to ISCC. The document will be available for public consultation for 60 days from the date of publishing. Please use the contact form below to submit your feedback or send an email to All fields marked with an asterix (*) are mandatory.

ISCC Summary Audit Report

Download of ISCC Summary Audit Report

End of public consulation: 23 April 2017

The summary audit report has been compiled by the working group “Transparency”. The set up of the working group was agreed at the General Assembly 2016 with the scope to elaborate a summary audit report that should be made publicly available for each issued certificate. The working group had to consider a trade-off between enhancing the transparency of ISCC and protecting sensitive company information.

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