ISCC Technical Committee 3: Wood

The technical committee „Wood“ was founded on February 25th, 2011 in Cologne. ISCC does not intend to compete with certification systems like FSC and PEFC.

The second meeting of the technical committee „Wood“ took place on May 24th, 2011 in Berlin. Among the participants were operators of large short-rotation plantations, CB’s, NGO’s, Associations, and Research Organizations. Main topics circled around the results of the three first pilot audits of short-rotation plantations. The participants elaborated change requests and solutions for ISCC with respect to sustainability requirements, backtracking, and GHG calculation.

7th meeting: January 23, 2013, Berlin

Download of the agenda (German)

The minutes are available as download in the member section of the ISCC website.

6th meeting: July 25, 2012, Cologne

Agenda TC "Wood" 25 July 2012, Cologne

Download agenda July 2012 (German)

5th meeting: May 10, 2012, Berlin

Download agenda TC "Wood" May 2012, Berlin

Download agenda May 2012 (German)

Further meetings

4th meeting: January 25, 2012, Berlin

3rd meeting: September 2, 2011, Berlin

2nd meeting: May 24, 2011, Berlin

1st meeting: February 25, 2011, Cologne