Joint meeting of the ISCC Technical Committees North America and Latin America in Miami


Jan Henke and Norbert Schmitz, ISCC, Germany

Update ISCC and ISCC PLUS - GHG Quota, Food, Feed and Biochemical Markets



Rob Vierhout, The European Affairs Managers, Belgium

RED Reformed: What Next and What are the Opportunities for the European Market?



Steffen Mueller, Genscape, USA

Latest Biofuels Developments in the USA




Wes Ingram, California Air Resources Board, USA

Latest Biofuels Developments in California




Erin Gowriluk, Alberta Barley and Wheat Commissions, Canada

The Alberta Crops Sustainability Certification Pilot Project




Robert Cash, Provision Coaltion, Canada

Sustainability for the Canadian Food and Beverage Sector




Reinaldo Balbino Figueiredo, ANSI, USA

ISCC Accreditation Program with ANSI