Vista general de los eventos con contribuciones de ISCC

Oleofuels 2017

Current & Future Trends for Liquid Biofuels Produced from Oil & Fats

28 & 29 June 2017, Kraków, Poland

The two-day event will cover key challenges and issued faced by the industry. European and global policies and regulations, feedstock availability and sourcing strategies are further topics to be discussed.

ISCC will give a presentation in session five (day two) on sustainability certification of feedstock in global supply chains.

Link to the official website

Download of the agenda

10th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

10 - 11 May 2017, Cologne, Germany

The 10th International Conference on Bio-based Materials is aimed at providing international major players from the bio-based building blocks, polymers and industrial biotechnology industries with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest development and strategies. The conference builds on successful previous conferences: 250 participants and 30 exhibitors mainly from industry are expected.

ISCC will give a presentation in the session on standardisation, labelling and certifications on"Sustainable Supply Chains and Certification 4.0 - Core Building Block for Bio-based Materials".

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Sustainable Sugarcane Forum

1 - 2 December 2016, London, UK

This forum is designed for all stakeholders in the sugar value chain to discuss the commercial opportunities of implementing sustainability and ethical initiatives, and the practicalities of how to do so.

ISCC will participate as a speaker in the session on "COP21 outcomes and sustainable sugar: Will ethanol production go truly global?"

Link to the official website of the forum

F.O. Licht's World Ethanol & Biofuels: 19th Annual Conference

7 - 10 November 2016, Brussels, Belgium

More than 400 attendees and over 60 countries are represented at the number 1 networking event for the global ethanol and biofuels community. The conference will cope with the topics of chemistry, biofuels, ethanol fuel, renewable fuels and biomass among others.

ISCC participates at the Roundtabel Discussion on

  • How to address sustainability requirements in food, feed, chemical and bioenergy markets
  • Policy support for advanced biofuels
  • Marketing and PR strategies:promoting the benefits of biofuels as a renewable fuel
  • The Ethanol production process: what to optimise next and general troubleshooting
  • Ethanol production differences between the US and Brazil

Link to the official website of the conference

BioCleantech Forum

1 - 3 November 2016, Ottawa, Canada

This event will be offering two full days of showcases and discussions on bioenergy and bioproducts produced from sustainable biomass.

On the plenary day ISCC will be participating in the panel on managing risks and discuss the major risks that are associated with the development and deployment with BioCleantech and how they can be effectively managed.

Furthermore, ISCC will be giving a presentation in plenary 5 on how BioCleantech can be used to meet global environmental and social goals.

Link the the programme and further information

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

24 - 25 October 2016, Paris

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit

26 - 27 October 2016, Paris

These two successive summits aim to encourage the sustainability in the beauty industry and the cleaning products sector respectively. Key-stakeholders meet at both events to discuss relevant issues in high-level forums.

At the Sustainable Cosmetic Summit ISCC will contribute to the session four: "Sustainability in Packaging".

At the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit ISCC will give a presentation at the second session that is focussing on advances in green ingredients.

Link to the official website of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Link the official website of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit

Argus Biofuels and Feedstocks 2016

19 - 20 October 2016, London, UK

ISCC is present at this conference which highlights the current biodiesel trading market including new project developments, securing feedstock, government plans post 2020 and new technological developments with also a focus on investments into 2nd generation biofuels.

Link to the program of the event

EEB - 2016 Annual Conference

"From Sustainability Talk to Policy Walk: Stepping up EU Action on Climate, Biodiversity and Circular Economy"

26 September 2016, Vienna, Austria

At the annual conference of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) the implementation of the Paris climate deal is the overarching topic. It will be disucssed how the EU would need to embark on the agenda of transformational change, including the issues climate & engergy, biodiversity and circular economy.
GRAS (Global Risk Assessment Services) will be participating in the session focussing on biodiversity.

Link to the official website of the conference for the progamme and further information

Biofuels International 2016

9th Biofuels International Conference & Expo

20 - 22 September 2016, Ghent, Belgium

Biofuel producers, regulators and experts come together to discuss the industry's transition to advanced biofuels.

The two day conference focuses on the latest developments in biofuels policy, international biofuels trading, sustainability, solutions for first generation producers, progress in advanced biofuels and information on feedstock pricing and trends.

ISCC will speak on the RED/FQD amendment and its implications for certification systems and system users.

Link to the program of the event

5th ICIS European Surfactants Conference

15 - 16 September 2016, Berlin, Germany

This conferences focusses on important issues for the surfactants industries and drivers and trends for the European market developments. On the second day of the conference ISCC will speak on sustainable and deforestation free supply chains for bio-based surfactants.

Click here for the official conference website and the agenda

EEB Conference Actions for Nature

Getting Europe on track to meet its 2020 targets

14 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The EU's target of halting biodiversity loss by 2020 remains a serious challenge. Europe's biodiversity continues to be dangerously eroded through habitat loss, pollution, over-exploitation of resources, invasive alien species and climate change.

It doesn't have to be this way. The Actions for Nature conference will show how targeted, well-crafted and well-enforced policies can start to turn this around.

GRAS (Global Risk Assessment Services) will contribute to the conference with a presentation on "The use of satellite imagery and remote sensing for better enforcement"

Download the program of the event

II Palm Congress C//Palm

6th Latin American RSPO Conference

25 - 26 August 2016, La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

This congress brings together Latin American palm growers, suppliers and other stakeholder to discuss the further implementation of a sustainable palm culture in the region. The focus will be on good agricultural, social and environmental practices.

ISCC will be participating at this conference with a contribution on sustainability as success factor for the palm oil industry.

Link to the official conference website with further information

Oleofuels 2016

Production & Trading Strategies due to Policy Instability

21 - 22 June 2016, Liverpool, United Kingdom

ACI’s annual Oleofuels Conference brings together 55-80 of the industry’s leading experts and executives from across the entire value chain (biodiesel producers, trade & distribution, feedstock experts, technology providers, academia, government & research institutes amongst others) for two days of informative presentations, interactive discussion and excellent networking opportunities.

ISCC will speak on the impact of latest developments in GHG requirements on biofuel markets.

Download of the conference flyer

Link to the ACI website for further information

2. European Biomethane Conference

20 June 2016, Berlin, Germany

Dena's European Biomethane Conference is a platform dedicated to identifying biomethane trends and prospects in Europe and to discussing key aspects necessary to further accelerate the development of biomethane markets.

The conference will address the following key issues regarding biomethane:

  • innovative technologies and concepts
  • news and trends about well established and emerging markets in Europe
  • opportunities and challenges of the European regulatory framework (RED, AFID and others)

ISCC will speak about "One standard for all? Verification of biomethane for different sectors and countries"

Download programme

Link to the official website for further information

Sustainable Food Summit

9 - 10 June 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISCC and GRAS (Global Risk Assessment Services) will be represented with a presentation on Sustainable and Deforestation-Free Ingredients for the Food Industry, and with a table at the exhibtion.

Download of the programme

Click here for the website of the summit

EUBCE 2016

24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

6 - 9 June 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISCC will be participating with a presentation on the Sustainability Certification of Deforestation-Free and Traceable Supply Chains for Bio-Refinery Products.

ISCC's presentation will be taking place in the framework of session IBO.8 (Tuesday, 7 June, 15.5 - 16.45pm)

Click here for the programme

4th PLA World Congress

Organized by bioplastics MAGAZINE

24 -25 May 2016, Munich, Germany

PLA is one of the bioplastics with the largest market significance. The versatile bioplastics raw material is made almost completely from renewable resources. It is being used for packaging applications, for fibres in woven and non-woven applications. Even the automotive industry and consumer electronics are already applying PLA. Blending PLA with other bioplastics or other blend-partners as well as mixing it with natural fibres such as flax, hemp or kenaf broadens the range of applications even more.

Experts from all involved fields will share their knowledge and contribute to a comprehensive overview of today's opportunities and challenges and discuss the possibilities, limitations and future prospects of PLA for all kind of applications.

ISCC will speak on sustainable supply chains for PLA production.

Link to the official website for further information

5th EU Biofuels Seminar

Ensuring stability and growth to 2020 and beyond

13 April 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

The European Biofuels industry has stalled. With the lack of societal support resulting in a level of uncertainty for EU support post 2020 market participants need more concrete objectives before they can move forward. The 5th EU Biofuels Seminar provides the most up to the minute news and views on the main issues for the European and global biofuels market.

ISCC will participate in the panel discussion of the third session "Markets and Trading" on "Implications to the market from the adoption of nationalized targets".

Download of the conference flyer

Link to the official website for further information

The 2015 European Biopolymer Summit -
Innovations in biopolymers across the supply chain: from packaging to automotive & foams to films

09 - 10 December 2015, London, UK

The 2015 European Biopolymer Summit will bring together key industry experts to discuss the latest strategies and methods to overcome current challenges and maximise the opportunities. The conference will address how the industry will evolve, current trends, how to respond to the changes of the market and the growing demand from end users.

ISCC will speak on sustainability claims and requirements for biopolymer-based supply chains.

Download of the conference flyer

Link to the ACI website for further information

10th European Bioplastic Conference

05 - 06 December 2015, Berlin, Germany

Every year European Bioplastics host 350+ senior stakeholders from across the bioplastics industry at the leading networking and business event to discuss the latest trends and developments in the industry, to network with peers, and to explore exciting new business opportunities.

ISCC will participate in a Panel Discussion on "Biobased feedstock sustainability and certification".

Download of the conference flyer 

Link to the European Bioplastics Website for further information

G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency -
Innovative Biobased Products: Opportunities for substituting non-renewable resources

Conference of the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

23 and 24 November 2015, Berlin

The G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency was set up at the summit of the G7 heads of state in Germany in June 2015. The aim of the Alliance is to share knowledge and best practices in the conservation and efficient use of natural resources. At the summit it was recognised that sustainably produced renewable resources can substitute vital fossil resources, and thus make important contributions to climate protection.

In the framework of the G7 Alliance on Resources Efficiency the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture is hosting a conference in Berlin to explore the potentials of sustainably produced resources to substitute fossil resources and discuss innovative biobased products and value chains. ISCC will give a presentation at this conference that is aimed at representatives from governments, industry and science.

Download of the conference flyer

Link to the BMEL website for further information

ISCC hosts a Side Event in the framework of the G7 conference in Berlin on: How to ensure Sustainability of the Biobased Economy - Responsible Solutions and Innovative Tools.

For further information about this Side Event, please click here

10th Argus Biofuels and Feedstocks Conference

21 - 22 October 2015, London

This annual conference brings togehter relevant players in the the biofuels and feedstocks markets (producers, processors, traders and logistics & storage).

ISCC will give a presentation on the sourcing of sustainable products and new certification requirements.

Download programme

Link to the Argus website

European Biomethane Conference

12 October 2015, Berlin

The first European Biomethane Conference offers a platform to disucss trends and perspectives for the increasingly popular feedstock  biomethane. The conference informs about innovations and new technologies and provides an update on markets and trade. 

Another key topic is the mass balance approach to document origin and properties of biomethane in a transparent way. 

The conference is hosted by the German Energy Agency dena. 

Download der Agenda

Link to the dena website

Biofuels International

Expo & Conference

22 and 23 September 2015, Porto, Portugal

ISCC is participating in session four "Sustainability" on 23 September. The presentation will cover the verification of land use change.

Download of the programme (as of March 2015)

Link to the official website

International Palm Oil Congress and Exhibition (PIPOC) 2015

Oil Palm: Powering the world, sustain the future

6 - 8 October 2015, Kuala Lumpur

The annual PIPOC is organised by the Malaysia Palm Oil Board, the agency of the Malaysian government to serve the countries oil palm industry. PIPOC is one of the biggest gathering of industry leaders from the oil and fats industry, with more than 8,000 participants expected this year. Five concurrent conferences and a trade exhibition with 350 exhibitors provide a platform for strategic and in-depth discussons on innovations, latest developments and challenges for the palm oil industry.

ISCC is contributing with a talk on sustainability as success factor for palm oil producer supplying to European vegetable oil markets.

Download of the progamme

Link to the official website

21. International Summer School of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)

"What is sustainable? - Methods for sustainability assessment "

29 June - 2 July 2015, Ostriz-St. Marienthal, Germany

The International Summer School is an annual event hosted by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU) to discuss important topics on environment and sustainability. Experts from academia, politics, industry, NGOs and associations are invited as speakers.

The Summer School 2015 is focussing on methods to assess sustainability and challenges in the practical implementation.

ISCC is participating in the workshop on 30 June which adressess the contribution of bio-refineries to a sustainable development.

More on the DBU

Provision Coalition - 2015 Industry Forum

Radical Transparency - Ready or not?

9 June 2015, Mississauga (ON), Canada

Due to the growth of 'big data' and the influence of social media companies and their supply chains are increasingly exposed to public scrutiny, and are therefore demanding a new business transparency. The Industry Forum will focus on how to get and to manage reliable and meaningful data.

ISCC is participating in the panel talk show on Industry Value Chains. The panel will discuss how to best manage the pressure and business risks of responsible sourcing in supply chains.

Provision Coalition is the leading association to advocate sustainability for the food and beverage manufactoring and input supply sectors across Canada.

Click here for the agenda and further information on the Industry Forum

Click here for the website of Provision Coalition

Sustainable Food Summit

New Horizons for Eco-Labels and Sustainability

4 - 5 June 2015, Amsterdam

At the 7th Sustainable Food Summit ISCC speaks on the latest Developments in Sustainability Certification on day 2 of the event.

The European summit is focussing on topics around sustainable ingredients, the marketing of meaningful products and sustainable packaging solutions.

Download of the programme

Link to the website

Platts - 4th Annual European Biofuels Seminar

"Re-evaluating strategies in an evolving biofuels landscape"

15 April 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

ISCC is participating in the session "Biofuels Feedstock Markets" and covers the questions whether GHG is the stimulus needed for the sector. The talk will include a market overview and expectations for the year ahead. ISCC also particpates in the afterward panel session.

Link to the speaker presentations, the agenda and further information

Green Polymer Chemistry 2015

18 - 19 March 2015, Cologne

On the first day of the conference ISCC will speak on sustainability claims for biobased chemicals.

Click here for further information on the event.

5th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference and ISCC e.V. General Assembly

4 February 2015, Brussels, Belgium

Click here for further information and the link to the registration form

Sustainable Foods Summit 2015 - New Horizons for Eco-Labels and Sustainability 

21 - 22 January 2015, San Francisco

At the 5th Sustainable Food Summit ISCC speaks on Advances in Traceability Tools during the session "Food Traceability" on 21 January.

This summit in 2015 is focussing on topics around Food Traceability, Sustainable Ingredients and Customer Behaviour. 

Download of the program

Link to the official website

Fuels of the Future 2015

12th International Conference on Biofuels

19 - 20 January 2015, Berlin

ISCC will contribute to Panel 6 "Sustainability Certification of Biofuels" on 20 January 2015.

You can find further information on the event here.

Primacy of food security in bio-economics - an illusory precondition?

Panel discussion at the Global Food Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA)

16 January 2015, Berlin

The GFFA is an international conference to discuss central questions of the global agri-food-industry in the framework of the International Green Week (IGW).

The panel on 16 January is focussing on the question how to establish food security when implementing bio-economy strategies, e.g. from the EU, the German Federal Government and the private sector.

ISCC will provide a statement for this event.  

Download the GFFA invitation

Link to the official website and registration form

Sustainable supply of biomass for use in a growing bioeconomy - Sustainability criteria from the perspective of industry, academia and NGO's, and possible applications within existing certification systems

Expert panel at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA)

15 January 2015, Berlin

This expert panel will be hosted by the FNR (German Agency for Renwable Resources) and deals with the questions on how to increase the agricultural production sustainably if the demand for biomass is further growing. The focus will be on the discussion on the extention or harmonization of existing certification schemes for sustainable biomass.

Link to the official website and registration

The Role of Satellite Information for Global Food Security

Expert Panel at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture

15 January 2015, Berlin

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) organises in cooperation with the Group on Earth Observations and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) an expert panel to highlight the contribution of satellite information to topics such as agriculture and food security.

ISCC will hold a presentation on "Remote Sensing Data to Support Sustainability Certification".

Click here for the agenda of the event.

9th European Bioplastics Conference

2 and 3 December 2014, Brussels, Belgium

On 3 December ISCC participates in the expert panel of the workshop "How to assess biobased content in bioplastics?"

Download of the programme

Link to the official conference website

Candian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops

Ottawa, Canada

26 November 2014: Research and Assessment Meeting

27 November 2014: Fall Meeting

On 26 November ISCC is given a presenation at during the session "Land use change - Advances in data collection and analytical tools".

On 27 November ISCC is participating in the panel session on "Global Agriculture Sustainability - Raising the collective bar".

Download Agenda 26 November

Download der Agenda 27 November

More about the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops

Cumbre GlobalG.A.P. 2014

Acto de inauguración de la Declaración de Abu Dhabi

27 - 29 de octubre de 2014, Abu Dhabi, EAU

ISCC es uno de los signatarios de la Declaración de Abu Dhabi. Los signatarios buscan una mayor seguridad alimentaria mundial a través de buenas prácticas agrícolas.

Más información

Argus Biofuels and Feestocks 2014

20 - 22 October 2014, London

On Monday, 20 October ISCC is hosting a workshop at the annual Argus conference. 

Title of the workshop: "Moving from energetic to GHG reduction targets - challenges and implications"fileadmin/content/documents/veranstaltungen/2014/Agenda_Argus_London_ISCC_Workshop_201014.pdf

Download of the draft agenda of the workshop

More informationen on the event

Greenhouse Gas balances of biofuels - Review and approaches

(Treibhausgasbilanzen von Biokraftstoffen - Bestandsaufnahme und Optimierungsansätze)

Technical meeting 2014

1 October 2014, Berlin

Organizer: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

The upcoming switch from energetic to greenhouse gas targets in Germany as well as impacts for the biofuels market are topics of this technical meeting. Practical applications, the optimization of greenhouse gas balances and consequences and need for action for the sustainability certification will be discussed.

The meeting will be held in German.

More informationen and agenda

Global Economic Symposium 2014

6 - 8 September 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Global Economic Symposium (GES) is organized by the Kiel Institute for the World Economics and is hosted by the Universiti Teknologi MARA. Chief Executives, Heads of State, Nobel Prize winners and and other leading figures from industry, politics and sciences are participating the event. 

ISCC is participating as panelist in the session "Forest, Wood and Biodiversity".

More informationen on GES 2014

Oleofuels 2014

June 11 - 12, 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany

ISCC participates in the panel discussion about voluntary certification systems.

Programme of the event

Link to the official website

2nd aireg International Biofuel Conference

The future of alternative aviation fuels

19 May 2014, Berlin, Germany

ISCC is member of aireg (Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V.).

ISCC is participating the this aireg biofuel conference that is dealing with the use of alternative biofuels and challenges for industry and politics to achieve aviation's climate goals. One of the relevant questions is the availability of sustainable raw materials.

Programme of the conference

Link to the aireg website

National forum for remote sensing and Copernicus 2014

Earth observation for humans and the environment

8 - 10 April 2014, Berlin

The event is an important platform for provider and user of remote sensing tools.
For certification systems as ISCC the use of remote sensing tools may be a valuable tool to demonstrate the complicance with sustainability criteria.

Link to the event (German)

INRO-Conference "Sustainable Biomass For Industry"

April 3, 2014, Brussels, Belgium

ISCC is participating in the information event of INRO (Initiative on Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials for the Industrial Use of Biomass).

Programme of the event

Link to the official website

F.O. Lichts Sugar & Ethanol Brazil 2014

March 24 - 26, 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil

ISCC is participating in the panel discussion on sustainability certification.

Download of the programme

Link to the official website

Green Polymer Chemistry 2014

International conference on sustainable production of plastics and elastomers

March 18 - 20, 2014 in Cologne, Germany

On March 19 ISCC is giving a talk on the certification to proof sustainability of bio-based and renewable non-biological feedstock for the chemical industry.

Programme of the event

Website of the event

4th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference

February 5, 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Link to the presentations.

ISCC conference in China

Sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

December 3, 2013 in Shanghai, China

More information and registration

ISCC workshop at the F.O. Lichts World Ethanol & Biofuels Conference

Sustainability certification for biofuels and conventional markets - Analysis of the lates developments in regulation and market requirements

4. - 7. November 2013, München, Germany

More information

Download of the programme

Sustainable biomass - Experiences with certification in Germany and outlook

El evento está organizado por el Ministerio Federal de Alimentos, Agricultura y Protección de Consumidores

5 de Diciembre de 2012, Berlin, Alemania

ISCC participará en este evento junto a representantes de otros sistemas certificadores, entes certificadores, autoridades públicas, agricultura, empresas de comercio y también la industría de biocombustible y petróleo.

Todas las tareas se van a dar en alemán.

Más información y enlace para registración (alemán)

Bioenergy Commodity Trading 2012

Guía para una cadena de abastecimiento de bioenergía sostenible

28 - 29 de Noviembre de 2012, Amsterdam, Países Bajos

El 28 de noviembre, ISCC va a participar en la segunda sesión para informar sobre sostenibilidad y sistemas de certificación.

Agenda (inglés)

World Ethanol and Biofuels Conference 2012

5 - 8 Noviembre de 2012, Múnich, Alemania

ISCC participa en este importante evento del sector de etanol y biocombustibles.

Más información (inglés)

Argus European Biofuels and Feedstocks Trading 2012

23 - 24 de Octubre de 2012, Londres, UK

ISCC toma parte en la conferencia que informa sobre temas relevantes y ofrece oportunidades de gestiones de redes.

Más información (inglés)

Kingsman Biofuels Seminar

Certificación de Biocombustibles: oportunidades de provisión y comercio

4 de Octobre de 2012, Geneva, Hotel Grand Kempinski

ISCC  va a participar en este seminario de Kingsman con una presentación sobre la certificación de biocombustible.

Más información (inglés)

MPOC International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference (IPOSC) 2012

10 - 11 de Septiembre de 2012, Putrajaya, Malasia

ISCC va a sostener una conversación sobre la intensificación de la posición del mercado para aceite de palma a través de certificación de sostenibilidad.

Más información (inglés)