Second ISCC Global Sustainability Conference 2012

8. Februar 2012, Brüssel


Ewout Deurwaarder, Policy Officer, European Commission, DGEN, Belgiu

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State of affairs and the way forward - Implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive in the European Union

E.Deurwaarder_EU_ISCC_2012.pdf (309KB)

Keely Bignal, RTFO Unit, Low Carbon Fuels, Department of Transport, United Kingdom

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Implementation of the RED in the UK

K.BignalUKRTFO_ISCC_2012.pdf (572KB)

Thorsten Wege, Sr. Policy Advisor at Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherlands

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RED Implementation in the Netherlands - Framework and double countin of waste to biofuels

T.Wege_MinistryNL_ISCC_2012.pdf (1.3 MB)

Dr. Rob Vierhout, Secretary General, ePure, Belgium

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Sustainable biofuels - the industry's perspective

R.Vierhout_ePure_ISCC_2012.pdf (348KB)

João Campari, Director, The Nature Conservancy, Brazil

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The new Forest Code in Brazil and the impact on biodiversity and agribusiness

J.Campari_TNC_ISCC_2012.pdf (1.6 MB)

Dr. Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director, ISCC System GmbH, Germany

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ISCC in 2011 and the way forward

N.Schmitz_ISCC_2012.pdf (692KB)

Vasu Vasuthewan, Sales & Marketing Director, Mission New Energy, Australia

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Group certification of small-scale farmers in India

V.Vasuthewan_Mission_New_Energy_ISCC_2012.pdf (606KB)

Dr. Jan Henke, Director, Meo Carbon Solutions, Germany

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Key challenges in waste to biofuels certification and double counting

J.Henke_Meo_ISCC_2012.pdf (217KB)

Kyriakos Maniatis, Principal Administrator, European Commission, DGEN, Belgium

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K_Maniatis_CEC_DGENER.pdf (466KB)

Joachim Buse, Vice President Aviation Boifuels, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Germany

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Use of sustainable biofuels for aviation - Requirements of the airline industry

J.Buse_Lufthansa_ISCC_2012.pdf (1.0 MB)

Dr. Achim Boenke, Principal Administrator, European Commission, GD Enterprise and Industry, Belgium

Eddy Esselink, Group Supply Chain manager, Unilever, The Netherlands

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Sustainability requirements and schemes in the food industry

E.Esselink_Unilver_ISCC_2012t.pdf (2.0 MB)

Andreas Feige, Managing Director, ISCC System GmbH, Germany

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Certification of sustainability requirements in different areas of biomass applications

A.Feige_ISCC_2012.pdf (402KB)

Fiona Harvey, The Guardian, London, Moderator