3rd ISCC Global Sustainability Conference am 6. Februar 2013 in Brüssel

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Bernd Kuepker, European Commission, DGEN, Belgien

New Commission Proposal for limiting indirect land-use change emissions (iLUC) and its implications

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Harald von Witzke, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Deutschland

EU's Virtual Land Imports and Sustainability Requirements

Dennis Rogoza, Canola Council, Kanada

Application of RED Requirements in North America - Learnings and the way forward

Dr. Norbert Schmitz, ISCC System GmbH, Deutschland

Consequencens of the Commission's proposal for sustainability certification

Dr. Klaus Picard, Mineralölwirtschaftsverband (MWV), Deutschland

Fulfilling the FQD GHG saving targets - Existing options and their assessment

Dr. Jan Henke, Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH, Deutschland

Double and quadruple counting - Key challenges and practical handling

Lydia Pforte, Trace Your Claim, Deutschland

Trace Your Claim - Database for secure supply chains

Jens Högel, European Commission, DG for Research & Innovation, Belgien

Sustainability requirements for the bio-based economy

Trees Robijns, Birdlife, Belgien

Expectations regarding sustainability certification from an NGO's point of view

K C Tran, Carbon Recycling International, Island

Renewable Methanol of non-biological origin

Ward Mosmuller, DSM, Niederlande

Implementation of the bio-economy concept at DSM

Andreas Feige, ISCC System GmbH, Deutschland

ISCC PLUS: Modular approach to fulfill different requirements