4. ISCC Global Sustainability Conference in Brüssel am 05. Februar 2014

Pressemitteilung mit ausführlichen Informationen (englisch)



Bernd Kuepker, Europäische Kommission, DGEN, Belgien
The changing European policy framework and its implications

Ingmar Streese, Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft, Deutschland
Sustainability as a prerequiste for the bio-based economy - The new approach chosen by the new German government

Aaron Berry, RTFO, Department for Transport, Großbritannien
Double counting and FQD implementations in the UK

Thorsten Wege, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Niederlande
Double counting and FQD implementations in The Netherlands

Dr. Sandra Frey, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Frankreich
Double counting and FQD implementations in France

Rob Vierhout, ePURE, Belgien
The European ethanol sector - Market and challenges

Dr. Norbert Schmitz, ISCC System GmbH, Deutschland
Sustainability certification with ISCC - State of affairs and perspectives

Liisa Ranta, UPM Biofuels, Finnland
Potential of wood based biofuels and sustainable supply chains

Dr. Andrei Zschocke, E.ON Innovation Center Energy Storage, Deutschland
Potential of power to gas for fuels and other applications - First experience from operations

Dr. Jan Henke, Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH, Deutschland
Multiple counting - Challenges and traceability requirements

Dr. Achim Boenke, Europäische Kommission, GD Enterprise and Industry, Belgien
Sustainable biomass supply and market aspects for bio-based products

Dr. Rafael Schneider, Welthungerhilfe, Deutschland
Expectations regarding sustainability certification from an NGOs point of view in food, feed and chemicals

Trees Robijns, BirdLife Europe, Belgien
Biodiversity: A complex system - but we cannot ignore it!

David Pendlington, Unilever, Großbritannien
Implementation of sustainable supply chains in the food sector (Datei wird in Kürze zur Verfügung gestellt)

Andreas Feige, ISCC System GmbH, Deutschland
Modular approach to fulfill different requirements