Conference in Buenos Aires, 2011

ISCC organized together with the AHK Buenos Aires the 3rd "Conference on the Benefits of Sustainability Certifcation of Biomass and Biofuels", held on November 1, 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Around 200 representatives of the Argentinian agricultural and biofuels sector, traders, NGOs and Government organisations participated in the 3rd ISCC conference on sustainability in Buenos Aires. The event took place at the premises of the AHK.

The participants were welcomed by Dr Achim Viereck from the German Embassy and Tobias Winter from the AHK. An insight into the actual development of the regulatory framework conditions in the EU market was provided by Carlos Gimeno Verdejo from the Delegation of the EU to Argentina. Dr. Norbert Schmitz from ISCC gave an update on ISCC certification and emphasized the importance of the availabilty of actual values for the GHG-calculation of soy. Control Union, TÜV and Carbio gave an overview about their work as certification bodies in Argentina. Vicotria Capalbo from Molinos presented the company's experience with ISCC certification for pocessed soy in Argentina.

The significant number of participants and the positive feedback showed the growing interest in sustainability issues. The update on the EU market, on actual developments in certification as well as the presention of certification experience in the Latin American Region were highly appreciated.

The programme as well as the presentations can be downloaded here.