Conference of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

G7-Alliance on Resource Efficiency


Side Event organised by ISCC and MEO CARBON SOLUTIONS

How to ensure Sustainability of the Biobased Economy
- Responsible Solutions and Innovative Tools -


23. November 2015 in Berlin

In the context of the G7 Alliance Conference on Resource Efficiency in Berlin (23 - 24 November 2015) ISCC organised a side event of the conference. "How to ensure Sustainability of the Biobased Economy - Responsible Sourcing and Innovative Tools" was the title of the half day event that took place in the dbb forum in Berlin. Innovative tools to monitor sustainable and deforestation free supply chains in global commodity markets were presented. Senior representatives from industry and trade, brandowners, NGOs, as well as science and research approached this topic from different angles in their short input statements. Opportunities for questions will be given throughout the event. A panel discussion at the end of the conference highlighted main conclusions.

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Prof. Gernot Klepper, Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Germany
How to Implement Sustainability in Global Markets. Costs and Benefits

Andreas Feige, ISCC System GmbH, Germany
ISCC Modular Approach for Responsible Sourcing

Dr. Kurt P. Günther, DLR German Aerospace Agency, Germany
Mohammad Abdel-Razek, Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH, Germany

Monitoring of Land Use Change with Remote Sensing Data

Trees Robijns, BirdLife, Belgium
Biodiversity Loss Caused by Land Use Change

Dr. Rafaël Schneider, Welthungerhilfe, Germany
Social Issues and Food Security
ZEF Working Paper 143 - A rights-based food security principle for biomass sustainability standards and certification systems

Ignacio Gavilan, The Consumer Goods Forum, France
Zero Net Deforestation Policy of the Consumer Goods Forum

Dr. Norbert Schmitz, Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH, Germany
Implementation of Zero Deforestation Commitments with GRAS

The G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency was set up at this year's summit of the G7 Heads of State in Germany. The Alliance aims to share knowledge and best practices in the conservation and efficient use of natural resources. At the summit it was recognised that sustainably produced renewable resources can substitute fossil resources, and thus make important contributions to climate protection goals.

The G7 Alliance Conference on "Innovative Biobased Products: Opportunities for Substituting Non-Renewable Resources" is hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture. ISCC will also give a presentation at this conference.

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