ISCC Conference: Plugging the West Coast Carbon Short - The Coming Low Carbon Shortage and the Need for Sustainability Verification

6 April 2017, San Francisco (USA)

ISCC, in cooperation with PRIMA, has organized a high level conference, discussing upcoming
developments in the low carbon fuels markets with a focus on the West Coast.

The focus of the ISCC/PRIMA Conference was on:

  • Latest developments in low carbon fuels regulations and their market implications
  • Potential shortage of low carbon fuels and feedstock
  • International best practice on low carbon fuels production and trade
  • Need for secure verification of low carbon fuels (e.g. feedstock type, CI number, land use)

Download of the article: Securing the West Coast supply chain - Californian's fight for low carbon fuel

Listen to discussion: Dr Jan Henke from ISCC and Matthew Stone from PRIMA discussing the US and international trade, sustainability, regulation and investment implications of the expanding low carbon fuels market

Download of the agenda


Dr. Jan Henke, ISCC, Germany
Experiences with ISCC Sustainability and CI Certification of Producers in North America

Heather Zhang, PRIMA, United States 
Federal versus State Growth Prospects for US Renewable Fuel Consumption

Sam Wade, California Air Resources Board, United States
California LCFS Program Update

Michael Rensing, Ph.D., BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, Canada
Low Carbon Fuel Requirements in British Columbia

Matthew Stone, PRIMA, United States
The Global Fight for Low Carbon Fuel

Neville Fernandes, Neste, United States
Renewable Diesel: a Key Contributor to West Coast Low-Carbon Markets

Vasu R. Vasuthewan, EcoOils, Singapore
Waste-based Feedstock for the Global Biofuel Market

Harry Simpson, Crimson Renewable Energy, United States
Low Carbon Feedstocks and Biodiesel Opportunities in California

Eric McAfee, Aemetis, United States
Updating Biofuels Plants to Produce Cellulosic Advanced Fuels

Glenn Johnston, Gevo, United States
Deployment of Low Carbon Fuels for the Aviation Sector

Marie-Hélène Labrie, Enerkem, Canada
How Enerkem Can Support the Decarbonization Strategies at the West Coast

Ronnie Virissimo, SCB Group, United States
Introducing Risk Management Products to the LCFS Market

Renee Lawver, Californian Air Resources Board, United States
Verification Considerations for California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Rob Vierhout, team, Belgium
Learning from the EU Sustainability and Certification (Voluntary) System

Dr. Jan Henke, ISCC, Germany
Verification of CI and Prevention of Land Use Change in Global Biofuel Supply

Dr. Norbert Schmitz, ISCC, Germany
Verification of Feedstock Claims and Prevention of Double Accounting