ISCC Stakeholder Dialogue in South America

8th Meeting

20 October 2015 in Sao Paulo

Download of the agenda

Link to the website of the ISCC Regional Stakeholder Dialogue South America


Norbert Schmitz, Jan Henke, ISCC, Germany
Update ISCC and ISCC PLUS and regulatory framework conditions in Europe

Leandro Baumgarten, The Nature Consvervancy, Brazil
Deforestation - Upcoming Challenges for Brand Owners and Sustainability Certification in Brazil

Thalia Valtas, Nestle, Brazil
Responsible Sourcing

Rachel Glueck, UNICA, Brazil
The Sustainability Agenda of the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry

Ana Yaluff, ADM, Paraguay
Supply Chain Paraguay to Europe

Breno Paiva Brasil, Braskem, Brazil
Sustainable Supply Chains for Green PE (will be provided shortly)

Alejandra Rueada, Nes Naturaleza, Colombia
Palm Oil Agroindustry and Development of the Biofuels Market in Colombia

Elson Fernandes de Lima, Casa da Floresta, Brazil
Assessment of Biodiverse Grassland