ISCC Stakeholder Treffen Nordamerika

29. September 2016, Las Vegas, USA

5. Treffen des Technischen Komitees Nordamerika

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Downlaod of the presentations

Dr Jan Henke, Dr Norbert Schmitz, ISCC, Germany
New Biofuels Legislation in the EU, Re-recognition of ISCC and latest Developments of ISCC PLUS

Matthew Stone, PRIMA, United Kingdom
US Biofuels and International Competition for Low Carbon Fuels and Feedstocks

Dr Steffen Mueller, University of Illinois, USA
Carbon Neutrality of Biomass Feedstocks for Biofuels Production
US Biofuels Exports to Asia and Sustainability Requirements

Jim M. Aguila, California Air Resources Board, USA
California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Verfication Opportunities

Rob Vierhout, Team - The European Affairs Manager, Belgium
Advances Biofuels and Post 2020 Policy of the EU

Tyler Lark, Nelson Institute, University of Wisconsin, USA
Monitoring US Land Use Change: Results Advances and Opportunities

Timothy Venverloh, ADM, USA
No-Deforestation Policy - Implementation within our Palm and Soy Supply Chain

Rafael Vayá, American Sugar Refining, USA
Raw Sugar CSR Requirements

Samara Hutton, Canola Council of Canada
Sustainability in the Canadian Canola Sector

Karla Bergstrom, Alberta Canola Producers Commission
The Alberta Farm Sustainability Extension Project

Robert Demianew, Control Union, USA
Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives vs Private Standards = Middle Way

Neil Mendenhall, SCS, USA
Overview of North American Market for Certification

Robert Cash, Provision Coalition, ADM, Canada
Sustainability for the Canadian Food & Beverage Sector

Leigh Lamontagne, Viterra, Canada
Risk Assessments and Sustainability Audits