Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

ISCC PLUS on the List of Accepted Schemes Under the ASC Feed Standard

The ASC feed standard requires feed mills to screen ingredient producers and primary marine and plant raw material production for various risk factors (e.g. forced/child labour, illegal logging, illegal fishing, etc.) and primary plant raw material production for the risk of legal logging or conversion. One possible way to demonstrate a low risk of non-compliance with due diligence requirements is through certification.

In 2022, ISCC PLUS was assessed and accepted by ASC as a third-party certification scheme that is low risk for plant-based primary raw material, taking into account the various due diligence risk factors that can occur in feed production supply chains. The list of all ASC Feed Standard accepted schemes and the criteria by which they are assessed to can be found on the ASC website.

Effective period

The ASC Feed Standard was launched on 15 June 2021 and is currently in an ‘effective period’, allowing auditors, feed manufacturers and their suppliers to familiarise themselves with the Standard and prepare for certification. Following the release of the Feed CAR & RUoC (ASC Requirements for Unit of Certification and ASC Certification and Accreditation Requirements) on July 14th 2022 there will be a 6 month implementation time period which means the Standard and assurance documents will become effective on January 14th 2023 and feed mills will become eligible for certification. Farms will then have 24 months to switch to ASC compliant feed in order to continue meeting the ASC Farm Standards.