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ISCC certification examples

ISCC certification can be applied for all feedstocks and markets

ISCC certified sugar

Ingenio Sucroalcoholero Aguaí, the sixth and newest sugar mill in Bolivia, has implemented sustainability throughout their whole supply chains for sugar. The company has just produced its first ISCC certified sugar for the food market. By displaying the ISCC Logo on all of the sugar bags produced, Aguaí differentiates its product in the local market leading to improved sales opportunities.

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ISCC certified packaging solution

The Danish milk producer Arla is using the ISCC logo on milk cartons to inform their customers about the sustainable packaging of the milk they are buying.

With the ISCC on-product claim Arla is confirming that it is contributing to responsible sourcing of bio-based materials.

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ISCC certified sunflower oil

Vénusz sunflower oil is made from ISCC PLUS certified sunflowers. The ISCC Logo on the packaging of the sunflower oil guarantees that the necessary amount of raw material for the manufacturing of this product has been sourced from sustainable cultivation. By purchasing ISCC-compliant seeds, Vénusz encourages sustainable cultivation methods, thus promoting the operation of sustainable farms.

Bunge Hungary is selling this oil since September 2016 on the Hungarian market.

ISCC certified hemp and hemp fibre

In June 2016, hemp straw and fibres produced by the Dutch company HempFlax B.V. received the established ISCC PLUS certificate, the first natural fibre worldwide to achieve this.

As the first hemp producer, HANF FARM GmbH (Germany) received the ISCC PLUS certification for their hemp seeds, hemp leaves and flowers in January 2016.

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ISCC case studies

 ISCC certification in the biofuels market