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ISCC for the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy


ISCC wants to support the circular economy and bioeconomy. That is why we are present at important industry events and invite leading experts to our own ISCC meetings and conferences.


Circular and bio-based approaches at ISCC meetings and conferences (2019/2020)


ISCC Global Sustainability Conference, Brussels, Belgium (12 February 2020)


ISCC Regional Stakeholder Meeting North America, Las Vegas, USA (19 November 2019)


ISCC Technical Stakeholder Meeting “Waste, Residues and Advanced Low Carbon Fuels”, Shanghai, China (02 July 2019)


ISCC Global Sustainability Conference, Brussels, Belgium (14 February 2019)

ISCC at external events (2019/2020)


European Biopolymer Summit, Zaragoza, Spain (12 – 13 February 2020)

ACI’s European Biopolymers Summit will bring together senior executives and experts from biopolymers manufacturers, chemical companies, major associations, raw materials, and technology companies, consultants, to discuss the latest changes, challenges and developments within the industry.

Inna Knelsen, ISCC
Sustainability Certification of Bio and Circular Polymers with ISCC PLUS


8th Biocomposites Conference, Cologne, Germany (14 – 15 November 2019)

The 8th Biocomposites Conference offered valuable insights into the latest technology and strategic market positioning as well as market opportunities for biocomposites in consumer goods such as music instruments, furniture, tables, toys, as well as rigid packaging. ISCC sponsored the conference.

Inna Knelsen, ISCC
Credible Sustainability Certification of Biocomposites with ISCC


The European Biopolymer Summit, Ghent, Belgium (13 – 14 February 2019)

The European Biopolymer Summit gave insights into the latest updates on environmental projects, the feedstock’s landscape, the role of biopolymers in the circular economy as well as new technologies in the sector.

Peter Hawighorst, ISCC
Supporting Deforestation-Free Supply Chains and CO2-Reduction for Bio-based Plastics