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Physical Segregation

Based on customer requirements, ISCC offers two chain of custody options for ISCC system users. Materials are either physically segregated in production processes throughout the supply chain (“physical segregation”) or mixed in production but separated in bookkeeping (“mass balance approach”).


Physical segregation along the supply chain:

Deliveries of physically segregated materials and products contain 100% certified sustainable material. Therefore, physical segregation allows for strong claims that directly refer to physical characteristics: e.g. “the product is made from bio-based feedstocks certified to the ISCC standard”.


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Pioneer in ISCC certified physical segregation: NatureWorks

NatureWorks has pioneered the commercialisation of Ingeo (PLA) biopolymers made from natural, renewable materials over the last twenty years. The innovative company is working towards 100% ISCC certified agricultural input material by 2020. With their commitment to feedstock diversification and the decoupling of plastics from fossil feedstocks, the company is an important driver of the bio-economy.

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