Working Towards a Sustainable World

Sustainability in the ways we produce and consume is critical to fight climate change and of ever-growing importance to companies, regulators, NGOs and the broader public. However, ensuring sustainability across products, markets and supply chains can be challenging, given the wide variety of different feedstocks, production processes, market requirements and consumer preferences. Credible certification can help to achieve this.

Supporting Sustainability Through Certification

ISCC’s vision is a carbon-neutral world and a true circular economy in which waste is no longer produced, but instead reused and recycled to create circular products and regenerate nature. Sustainable agriculture that increases biodiversity and creates healthy ecosystems is part of this vision as well as a resilient economic system which ends the consumption of finite resources.

Therefore ISCC certification is based on the six ISCC Principles, which must be met and are consistent with many of the Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations. This way, ISCC supports companies to act more responsibly. With specific guidance for audits and their preparation, ISCC facilitates the correct implementation of its sustainability requirements and allows sustainable production of various feedstocks across continents.

To move towards a carbon-neutral world, we furthermore need to incentivize the use of products and practices that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through consistent greenhouse gas calculations across product life cycles including their robust auditing and verification, ISCC ensures that GHG information is credible. This, in turn, leads to investment in practices that reduce emissions.

ISCC Events

ISCC Global Sustainability Conference

The ISCC Global Sustainability Conference is our global flagship event that brings together ISCC Association members, ISCC system users, certification bodies, NGOs, research, government bodies, regulators and the wider sustainability community to share experiences, knowledge of best practices and innovations. Join our community for excellent networking opportunities and insights into the latest developments in the sustainability sector!

22 February 2024, Hybrid Meeting (Brussels, Belgium + Online)

09:00 am – 05:30 pm, Central European Time (UTC +1)