Requirements for CBs

ISCC Requirements for Certification Bodies to Cooperate with ISCC

Certification bodies (CBs) recognized by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung – BLE) or by a competent national authority or accreditation body may cooperate with ISCC, if the requirements laid down in the ISCC System Document 103 “Requirements for Certification Bodies and Auditors” are met.

Please provide the relevant documents (e.g. certificate of recognition or accreditation etc.) to ISCC. ISCC will then send out the cooperation agreement upon request.

ISCC Requirements for Certification Bodies to Carry out Audits

Auditors from cooperating certification bodies review the compliance with the standard of the ISCC certification system to provide a basis for the issuance of certificates. 

The competences of certification bodies and the appointed auditors are key factors for the success of the certification programme. Trainings will acquaint them with the requirements of the ISCC standard. Know-how about no-go areas, traceability, mass balance methodology and greenhouse gas accounting is a crucial element of the qualification. In these respective areas the auditors have to bring with them some basic knowledge.

Further Information

ISCC EU 204 – Risk Management (v4.0, 01 July 2021)

The scope of this document covers the requirements on how the risk management process under ISCC is applied to all activities of ISCC and the implications of risks for ISCC audits.

ISCC EU 103 – Requirements for Certification Bodies and Auditors (v4.0, 01 July 2021)

This document lays down the requirements for Certification Bodies to become recognised by ISCC, and the duties of ISCC-recognised CBs performing certification services for ISCC. Furthermore, this document lays down the requirements for and necessary qualifications of auditors conducting ISCC audits.

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