ISCC Certification – Fee Structure

Overview of ISCC Fees for System Users, Cooperating Certification Bodies and Members of the ISCC Association (ISCC e.V.)

Please note that the costs for the certification audit are not included in the ISCC fees for registration and certification and have to be discussed with the certification body directly.

Notification of ISCC Fee Structure Adjustment (valid from 1 September 2022)

Communicated per Email to ISCC System Users, CBs and Members of the ISCC Association on 5 August 2022

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Maintaining a high standard of our services and constantly strengthening the integrity of the ISCC system is extremely important to us. Our goal is to preserve and expand our status as a credible and reliable certification system with strong and robust standards for the benefit of our customers.

As one of the measures to ensure this, ISCC introduces an adjusted Fee Structure, valid from 1 September 2022 onwards. Although we have managed to hold our prices stable over the past seven years, an adjustment is necessary due to:

  • The regulatory requirements increasing largely in number and complexity (RED II, CORSIA, maritime, recognitinion requirements for specific markets and regions, taxonomy requirements, etc.)
  • The necessity to establish and develop harmonized certification approaches applicable across a broad variety of feedstocks, products and markets
  • The highly complex nature of the involved supply chain processes
  • A rapidly growing number of requests from our system users and certification bodies, resulting in the need to increase the respective staff resources
  • Investments required for digitalization processes
  • The ongoing development of solutions and tools which facilitate the coordination of sector-specific activities, as well as make the handling easier for system users and guarantee a level playing field for auditors (e.g. database applications as service provider for UDB)

The adjustment of the fee structure contains the following key changes:

1. Overall simplification of the fee structure:

  • Simplified turnover classification: overall yearly turnover to be indicated in EUR for all scopes. Differentiation between groups A (tonnage, mt) and B (turnover, EUR) is no longer required.
  • Registration fee and certificate fee merged into certification fee to cover all efforts for certification process handling. Registration fee will no longer be invoiced.

2. Raise of certification fee: 200 € – 2.000 € depending on turnover (as compared to old certificate fee of 50 € – 500 € depending on turnover)

3. Quantity-dependent fees:

  • No change of fee for processing units (0,10 €)
  • Quantity fees of 0,01 € introduced for other scopes (FGPs, CPs, Traders, individually certified Farms and Points of Origin, Central Offices, individually certified FPR)
  • Adjustment of minimum quantity fee from 100 € to 250 €
  • Benefit for ISCC Members: 20% reduction of total quantity fee (does not apply to the minimum fee)

The adjusted fee structure shall apply to all certificates with certification audits performed on or after 1 September 2022. Please note that if you do not consent to the fee structure adjustment you can terminate the System Usage Agreement at any point (in writing, e.g. via mail – please also see § 13.2 of the ISCC Terms of Use). If you consent to the adjustment, no further action is required.

We highly value your loyalty and commitment and hope to continue working with you towards an ever-more sustainable and decarbonized tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ISCC.

Best regards
Your ISCC team