For initial stock registration, the Mass Balance duration allows selection of 1/2/3/12 months. I thought/understood that a 3-month MB period is now mandatory for traders with storage.

Currently, for registering certificate mass balance duration could be 1 months, 2 months, 3 months or 12 months. Once the mass balance start date & duration is specified and the transactions are recorded in the UDB, the transactions executed would be visible within the specific mass-balance period. The feature for Mass-balance period would be available within Q1, 2024 for use. It is not necessary to specify the mass-balance start date for every period. The UDB will auto generate the mass-balance periods based on initial last known mass balance start date and duration. The carry forward of available stocks from one mass-balance period to the next will be automatically calculated for every new period, and hence it is not necessary to manually move the volumes.