How can I change Certification Bodies?

If you change certification bodies, you must adapt it accordingly in the ISCC HUB. Please read the ISCC HUB Manual for System Users for further information.

If a system user decides to change their certification body, requirements with regards to the integrity of the system must be met, e.g., regarding the provision of audit reports to the new certification body. If a System User changes the CB twice within a period of five years, the CB newly contracted by the System User with the second change has to apply a higher risk level for the next scheduled audit, i.e. the risk level must be higher than the risk level applied for the previous audit. All requirements can be found in ISCC EU system document 103 Requirements for Certification Bodies and Auditors:

This document lays down the requirements for Certification Bodies to become recognised by ISCC, and the duties of ISCC-recognised CBs performing certification services for ISCC. Furthermore, this document lays down the requirements for and necessary qualifications of auditors conducting ISCC audits.