How do I become a recognized certification body for ISCC?

You can find all the requirements and relevant information on the ISCC website, specifically the ISCC System Document 103 “Requirements for Certification Bodies and Auditors” below.

The main requirement is the accreditation of the CB against ISO/IEC 17065 or the recognition by a competent national authority (please see chapters 3.2 and 3.3 in the System Document 103 for further specifications). We therefore kindly request you to provide evidence of your recognition or accreditation (e.g. via copy of documents).

If accreditation is not in English, please provide the English translation alongside the original copy.

In addition, please provide evidence of your previous certification experience (e.g. via links to certification examples and recognitions under similar certification systems on your website). Please also provide information on which markets and regions you intend to cover with ISCC certification services as well as the number of auditors and additional staff you intend to assign to ISCC certification services.

If the CB fulfills all necessary requirements, ISCC will subsequently set up a cooperation agreement that has to be signed by both parties, which is supplemented by the ISCC General Terms of Certification.

The ISCC fees for cooperating CBs comprise of an annual license fee as well as a fee per ISCC certificate issued by the CB. Please note that the fees do not include costs for a CB to be recognized by a national authority or accreditation against ISO 17065. Please have a look at the ISCC fee structure (the purple box is relevant for cooperating CBs).

This document lays down the requirements for Certification Bodies to become recognised by ISCC, and the duties of ISCC-recognised CBs performing certification services for ISCC. Furthermore, this document lays down the requirements for and necessary qualifications of auditors conducting ISCC audits.