Is it mandatory to receive approval for the use of the ISCC off-product logo?

System users can download the ISCC off-product (also called corporate logo) in the ISCC client section. Please note that all the requirements outlined in the ISCC Document 208 – “Logos and Claims” below are relevant. All licensees who would like to use the off-product logo must fill in the logo application form to receive approval for the use of the off-product logo. 

ISCC Document 208 “Logos and Claims (1.3)”

The purpose of this document is to protect ISCC’s integrity by ensuring that ISCC logos and ISCC claims are used consistently, accurately and in an understandable manner. With this document, ISCC intends to support businesses, organisations, and project partners in making credible claims and developing marketing and communications materials that promote their commitment to sourcing sustainable materials.