It is still possible to subdivide a batch of biogas/biomethane into smaller batches and issue a PoS for each of those batches. (Issuing two PoS for the same batch or energy unit of biomethane is double claiming and thus not allowed.)However, as all formula inputs in the calculation of the final GHG value must be documented on a PoS, all co-digested feedstocks must be listed on all subdivided PoS within the context of providing the GHG information.  

The use of the ISCC PoS templates is not mandatory as long as all relevant information is present on the PoS. When using the ISCC PoS template for biogas/biomethane, at present the requirement detailed above means that all feedstocks must be listed in Section 1, as well as Section 2. ISCC is considering an update to the template to amend this.  

Currently the easiest solution regarding the quantities of biogas/biomethane from the individual feedstocks in Section 1 would be to keep the relative shares of all feedstocks equal to the original PoS. Other distributions of feedstocks are nevertheless also possible as long as it can be guaranteed that the cumulative total quantities can be confirmed by the auditor. If i.e., a biogas producer had co-digested advanced and non-advanced fuels and wanted to issue separate PoS for advanced and non-advanced fuels, they could do so by listing all co-digested feedstocks in Section 1but setting the quantities of the respective other fuels to zero. It is important that the cumulative total quantities of the feedstocks are preserved in the divided PoS and that the GHG value remains the same for all sub-divided PoS, i.e still includes the GHG contributions of the other feedstocks.