Certification Scheme: ISCC Non-GMO Food and Feed

The ISCC standard for “Non-GMO food and feed” is a module for the sole certification of non-genetically modified materials and products. It is applicable for food and feed products and completely independent from the general ISCC EU and PLUS sustainability certification on
farm/plantation and supply chain level.

Market / Scope of Application

  • Food, feed, completely independent from the general ISCC certification on environmental, social and economic sustainability on farm level.


  • Compliance with thresholds according to EC regulation on genetically modified food and feed1 and alignment with EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act.2

1 Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003
2 §3a and 3b EG-GenTDurchfG

Acceptance of other Schemes

  • VLOG

Materials Covered

  • All types of agricultural materials.

Voluntary Add-ons

  • Can easily be combined with sustainability certification requirements such as ISCC PLUS.