ISCC Voluntary Add-Ons

Additionally to the core requirements of ISCC PLUS, interested parties can choose from a set of voluntary add-ons. These add-ons are modules that either apply to the agricultural production area or to the whole supply chain:

Add-on 205-01 – GHG Emission Requirements

Calculation methodology and verification of greenhouse gas emissions along the supply chain, including biomass production, conversion as well as transport and distribution.

Add-on 205-3 – Non GMO food/ feed

Requirements for the certification of crops not containing genetically modified organisms or for downstream Non GMO raw materials for the food and feed markets.

Add-on 205-04 – Non GMO technical markets

Requirements for the certification of crops claiming not to contain genetically modified organisms for technical markets.

Add-on 205-06: Electricity and Heat from Biogas Plants

Requirements for the resource-efficient conversion of sustainable substrates into electricity and heat, the minimization of climate relevant emissions and unused heat energy as well as the utilization of substrates of regional origin.

Add-on 202-04: Food Security Add-on – Food Security Standard

Food Security Standard (FSS) has been adopted by ISCC as the ISCC Food Security Add-On. The ISCC Food Security Add-On further highlights the importance of social sustainability in agricultural production. It provides certification that demonstrates compliance with national due diligence and internationally recognized principles. 

ISCC Add-On Documents