ISCC Material Lists

Description of Material Under ISCC

  • Please be aware that ISCC certification covers all types of sustainable feedstocks, including biomass, renewables and circular materials.
  • Therefore, the lists are not concluding but aim for harmonisation. Sustainable material may be declared more specifically on sustainability declarations, delivery documents or Proofs of Sustainability.

Lists of Materials Eligible for ISCC EU Certification

Please note that it is not the purpose of the list of raw material/feedstock to classify material as waste/residue or as being eligible for double-counting. The list of raw material/feedstock indicates materials which currently might be certified under the ISCC EU waste and residue certification process (in the following referred to as ISCC EU w/r process). As of September 2014, ISCC has included available information e.g. from EU Member State positive lists classifying material as waste/residue.

ISCC does not guarantee completeness, correctness and timeliness of the information regarding waste/residue classification. ISCC does not guarantee acceptance of waste/residue based products by the competent EU Member State authorities. Auditors and system users are obliged to investigate and research the eligibility of material in the targeted EU Member State. Acceptance of a final product (e.g. biofuel), where the feedstock has been certified according to the ISCC EU w/r process, is the decision of the EU Member State authorities where the final product comes to the market.

For amendments of the lists (e.g. to add an additional raw material / feedstock) please contact ISCC prior to issuing a certificate.

Lists of Materials Eligible for ISCC PLUS Certification

Please note that all materials from the lists of eligible materials for ISCC EU certification can also be certified under ISCC PLUS. However, materials from the lists of materials eligible for ISCC PLUS certification cannot necessarily be certified under ISCC EU.

If you are interested in the certification of raw materials or products under ISCC PLUS which are not listed, please contact ISCC in order to discuss possibilities for certification.

List of Materials Eligible for ISCC CORSIA Certification

ISCC CORSIA certification can cover all types of feedstocks eligible for the production of CORSIA eligible fuels.

Please be aware that the eligibility of feedstocks may be limited by the availability of the respective default values for a given pathway or region, as indicated in the ICAO document. All waste, residue or by-product raw materials eligible for certification under CORSIA are included in the ICAO positive list and can be found in the ISCC CORSIA System Document 201-1.

As all feedstocks eligible under ISCC CORSIA are eligible under ISCC CORSIA PLUS as well. In that regard, the list of materials applies for ISCC CORSIA PLUS certification just the same.