The ISCC HUB is an online platform for managing the registration- and certification-related data of System Users (= Economic Operators in European Union terminology). Both, System Users and their Certification Bodies, will have direct access to manage and change System User data in the ISCC HUB that is accessible via single sign-on in the ISCC client section / ISCC Certification Body section.

The core functionality for System Users in the ISCC HUB is the management of their registration data including options to submit new registrations, change basic data of existing registrations, changing the Certification Body, providing additional access rights to the ISCC HUB to colleagues. The core functionality for Certification Bodies in the ISCC HUB include submitting certificates and surveillance audits, changing certificates (updating the certificate annex or submitting scope extensions), changing the status of a certificate and requesting necessary changes to the registration from System Users. Using the ISCC HUB is mandatory for both System Users and Certification Bodies.

The ISCC HUB is designed to help avoid input errors and missing data, while improving data accuracy to minimise the need for subsequent clarification by involved parties. The system sends automatic notifications to relevant parties when data is updated or changed, providing information or requesting confirmation. It also provides a task list that indicates open process steps that need to be completed, e.g., next steps for Applicants and Certification Bodies during registration.

An overview of changes in the context of the ISCC HUB Go Live can be found here

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