Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chains for Agricultural Commodities

27.10.2016, São Paulo (Brazil)

Market Requirements, International Experiences, Tools and Success Stories

ISCC hosted a one-day conference on sustainable and deforestation free supply chains in São Paulo on 27 October 2016. High-level representatives from the industry, leading research institutions and national authorities have discussed the latest trends and developments in the implementation in the sustainable supply chains in Latin America.

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Session 1: Regulation

Mauricio Antonio Lopez, Embrapa, Brazil
Sustainable Intensification of Tropical Agriculture – The Experience of Brazil

João Campari, Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil
Sustainability Requirements and Latest Developments in Brazil

Rob Vierhout, Team, Belgium
GHG Emissions and Reductions in Agriculture

Session 2: Market Requirements

Leonardo Lima, McDonald’s, Brazil
Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chains for McDonald’s

Marcio Nappo, JBS, Brazil
Sustainability Challenges in the Meat Sector

Session 3: Tools

Giovanna Baggio, The Nature Conservancy, Brazil
Planning Sustainable and Productive Landscapes

Robin Barr, The Forest Trust, USA
Mapping of Sustainable Supply Chains

Prof. Gernot Klepper, ISCC, Germany
Sustainability Certification for All Markets

Dr. Norbert Schmitz, Global Risk Assessment Services, Germany
State of the Art Technologies for Verification of Land Use Change and Risk Assessment

Dr. Jan Henke, Meo Carbon Solutions, Germany
Landscaping Approach to Address Smallholder Issues

Session 4: Tools

Fernando Careli, Carrefour, Brazil
Dealing with Sustainability Issues along the Supply Chain

Amanda Cosenza, ADM, Brazil
ADMs No Deforestation Policy and its Implementation in the Soy and Palm Sector

Alejandra Rueda, Nes Naturaleza, Colombia
Certification of the Emerging Palm Oil Sector in Latin America

Rachel Glueck, UNICA, Brazil
Sustainability Challenges and Achievements in the Brazilian Sugarcane Sector

Lely Antelo Melgar, Aguaí, Bolivia
Implementation Sustainable Supply Chains for Sugar