ISCC Conference: Plugging the West Coast Carbon Short – The Coming Low Carbon Shortage and the Need for Sustainability Verification

06.04.2017, San Francisco (USA)

ISCC, in cooperation with PRIMA, has organized a high level conference, discussing upcoming developments in the low carbon fuels markets with a focus on the West Coast.

The focus of the ISCC/PRIMA Conference will be on:

  • Latest developments in low carbon fuels regulations and their market implications
  • Potential shortage of low carbon fuels and feedstock
  • International best practice on low carbon fuels production and trade
  • Need for secure verification of low carbon fuels (e.g. feedstock type, CI number, land use)

Download: Write up providing a thorough summary on the topics discussed at the event

Download of the article: Securing the West Coast supply chain – Californian’s fight for low carbon fuel

Listen to discussion: Dr Jan Henke from ISCC and Matthew Stone from PRIMA discussing the US and international trade, sustainability, regulation and investment implications of the expanding low carbon fuels market

Download of the agenda