Meeting of the ISCC Regional Stakeholder Committee Southeast Asia

25.10.2017, Jakarta (Indonesia)

Venue: Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan
DKI Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

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This ISCC Technical Committee deals with the Resolution of the European Parliament to ban palm by 2020 and provide solutions for three burning topics in Southeast Asia:

  • How to achieve the 50% GHG reduction target for 2018 of the EU-RED under changing framework conditions?
  • How to include independent smallholders into a fully traceable supply chain?
  • How to deal with “social issues”- the next wave after “no-deforestation”?

GHG reduction target 2018: Under the EU-RED/FQD producers of biodiesel will have to include the burning emissions from methanol from 1 September 2017 for actual calculations. This will further reduce GHG emission savings. While not a problem in 2017 it will be one in 2018 as the GHG target increases from 35% to 50%. The TC SEA will provide insights and present latest research from methane measurements at POME ponds, which leads the way for GHG reduction technologies and how to calculate respective GHG savings.

Independent Smallholder: Many companies would like to include independent smallholders into their certified supply chains and solve traceability problems. ISCC and partners will introduce tools and approaches, which will help to reduce complexity and lead time for smallholders to become certification ready. Speakers will also give insights into latest findings from an independent smallholder pilot project.

Social issues: After ‘No Deforestation’ social issues will be on the agenda for 2018 again. Also for ISCC social criteria are one of the priority areas of activities. ISCC and stakeholders will present concrete examples of what has been achieved especially in the area of migrant workers and provide insights into the latest thinking and innovative solutions enabling early warning and effective monitoring.

This stakeholder meeting is also an excellent opportunity to meet people from the industry and to broaden your network.